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Why Is It Difficult to Set Goals and Objectives?

We all remember the times back in school where we were faced with the ultimate question: what do you want to be when growing up? Even in adulthood, many of still haven’t been able to that question. And even if we have, we constantly question ourselves and mold the answer according to our interests or situations. Sometimes we depended on time, and sometimes time depended on us in order for us to make these decisions.

Usually, teachers, elder siblings, or parents help to make these decisions. But we all know that a child is under such societal pressure that they are never really able to make such a decision for themselves and can never tell which decisions are theirs’ and which are socially constructed. Not only that, a child is too young to realize how they are getting influenced by society or people around them. They listen to whatever somebody tells them, and confuse those words with absolute truths. For many of us, it isn’t until later in life that we understand the bigger picture in its proper context, and that is usually the moment when we either fall in regret or we express gratitude to those who made us believe in ourselves.

In this article, we will discuss a few things that you can do when you’re going through this phase of your life. Sometimes awareness acts as a great source of help in such matters.

Ask Guardians/Teachers/Parents

When you are going to school, you cannot really be sure of your choices. You keep looking up to your parents, siblings, friends – people who take care of you and people you abundantly admire. These are the people who have the ability to influence your mind and choices. These are the people who are with you at all times, who have seen you grow, and who know almost everything about you. They have the ability to influence, inspire, or motivate you to be what you want to be. You can rely on their opinions.

Explore Your Talents

This is the part that you have to do yourself. There are things that naturally come to you, and then there are skills that you carve with time. It is easy to say what you are good at when you are little. It could be sports, arts, or a multitude of other things. You have multiple options, but not as many as you get when you are older. The pressure adds, and the blow of adulthood starts taking its toll on you. You get many instances in life when you can see your hidden talents through the small activities you do. You often meet people who tell you your strengths and weaknesses. That is when you unconsciously direct your aspirations towards a particular skill. The key is to always keep exploring.

Check Your Strengths

Once you start noticing your talents, the next thing you need to do is refine those talents. The worst mistake people make is ignoring their talents and strengths. Your job is first to recognize the talent, and then the next step is to sharpen it. Let’s say, your talent is a specific sport. What do you do? Would you stop practicing just because you were under stress from academic work? This should be the last thing you do. You must always an hour or two per day to sharpen your special skills.

Check Your Weaknesses

Just like you identify your strengths, you must keep track of your weaknesses as well. Like the saying goes, “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”. Keeping this in mind, you should not overlook other things. To become a perfect person, you should not forget that perfection comes from being versatile and diverse.

Ask a Friend

We have already discussed the importance of having a guardian and then having that guardian help to solve complicated problems. But oftentimes, we make friends who are no less than a tutor, guardian, coach and companion. They have seen you in your worst times, but also in your best times. Therefore, they can tell you for sure what you have and where you can grow. Always ask a friend. In case your friends aren’t helpful, you can always ask Google. If you use Time Warner Spectrum internet, you will not lose connectivity to the world outside your vicinity. You can always explore your talents.

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