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8 Ultimate Gadgets to Complete your Man Cave

What is a ‘man cave’?

It is a private space, usually a modified basement, which allows a guy to truly express himself. Away from the judgmental gaze of the world, this ‘cave’ works as an extension of a man’s personality. The idea is the once you enter it, you come face to face with a unique set up where you can relax and just be yourself. If you’ve got such a place in mind, or plan to convert any area of your house into your personal cave, then consider adding the following gadgets to your collection, as they’re sure to amplify the coolness factor and take it to the next level.

Gaming Haven: 

If you’re passionate about video games, then you can surely set up an entire gaming station in your man cave. This includes a gaming desktop, a gaming keyboard and mouse, a high-level headset, a comfortable chair and multiple monitors. Adding more than one screens to your station will allow you to multi-task efficiently. You can devote one screen to a gameplay, the other to a video chat with your online gamer friend, and the third to overall settings etc. Some games, like The Elder Scrolls, even allow you to play across multiple screens, automatically enhancing your experience. Other than that, you can go for VR as well. Buy the headset and wade across virtual reality in your personalized space.

Smart Beer Tap:

How can a cool guy’s cave be complete without a cool stock of beers? Apart from having a mini-fridge in the corner, you can upgrade the alcohol dispensation experience by installing a smart beer tap in your cave. This technological device works on machine learning principles, in such a way that it registers and analyses the user input data, and then automatically serves you the drink of your choice without you having to input your data again. Pretty neat, right?

Smart Lights:

It’s all about creating the perfect ambiance, in which, believe it or not, lighting plays a very important role. Your man cave should not have sharp sense-jarring lights, because these can kill the vibe of the place. Instead, low and mellow is what you should ideally go for. Philips Hue offers smart lights which come on and off automatically, sensing the human presence in the room. Plus, these are LEDs, so they save energy and are pocket-friendly. But their best feature is that they come in various colors, from a tropical beach to velvety moody, which can be maneuvered with an app on your smartphone. Now, you can jazz up the atmosphere of your man cave using these smart, motion-activated and multi-hued lights.

Entertainment Unit:

No man cave is complete without an entertainment unit. This necessary set up ideally includes a smart HD TV preferably of a 4K Ultra quality, a home theatre system and a comfortable seating. The 4K resolution lends a well-defined quality to the picture and prevents it from getting pixelated. The audio system, with proper tallboy speakers, gives the feeling of surround sound, converting your cave into a cinema. As regards the seating, plushy couches or artistic bean bags are good enough. Thus, after hooking this unit up, you can easily arrange movie nights with your friends or loved ones. Or if you’re a sports fan, you can catch the latest NBC matches on your Spectrum TV or some such cable connection. Or you can even do karaoke if you’re into it. So many cool options!

App-Controlled Robots:

Gizmos will never be out of fashion, so be sure to add them to your cave decor. Especially those tiny robots, which can be controlled via apps on smartphones, like the MiPosaurs. Such high-tech toys will enliven the atmosphere of the place by adding a major dose of fun to it. You can put the robots in a ring, conduct matches, and compete with your friends. In addition to that, you can use the robots to do your bidding, like holding your soda can for you etc.

Advanced Golf:

Add a green belt on the floor of your man cave, throw in a few mini-hurdles, and you have a portable golf course. Now, why this game out of all others? Because it requires an incredible level of patience and skill-sharpening to master. Plus, it counts for a quiet and enjoyable time pass. However, if you want to go for a futuristic move, then you can spice this traditional game up with technology. Get your hands on a smart golf kit, which includes a putter having a motion sensor attached to it, and play away. It will record your real-time stats and display them to you live on your mobile. Such a gadget will help you improve your skill too. Take turns with your friends and show them how it’s done.

Secret Wall Clock:

Turn your cave into a den of mysteries by adding gadgets with hidden compartments to it. One such gadget is the secret wall clock, which functions as a personal safe on the side. Its plain exterior makes it look like any other everyday object, regardless of the fact that it might carry cash and jewelry behind it. It’s an effective way to keep your valuables out of sight.

So, be sure to upgrade your man cave with the aforementioned gadgets.

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Written by Sean Williamsons

A communication specialist who has a keen eye on developments and gadgets in the world of telecommunication. With more than 500 editorials on different aspects of communication and technologies involved. You can get insights on other topics too and make the most of Robbie’s experience and capabilities in the field.

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