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10 Surefire Tips to Survive Seasonal Allergies

As the month of August draws to its close, the reign of allergens begins. These are inconsequential elements of the atmosphere, working in the backdrop usually. Their presence does not affect the majority of the people, but to certain individuals, they prove to be quite deadly, triggering adverse seasonal allergies.

How does this exactly happen? Well, the body’s immune system becomes super sensitized and starts overreacting to substances in the environment, like trees, grass, pollinating flowers, fungi, molds, smoke, chlorine, insect stings etc. These substances are termed as allergens, because they act as catalysts which bring about an allergic reaction in people, like sneezing, itching, and coughing etc.

Especially worse in this regard is the ragweed pollen, which resurfaces at the end of summer and the start of fall. Sometime around these days. So, if you’re like me and have seasonal allergies, then a major battle is in order for you. How can you survive this onslaught of allergens and come out victorious? By following the tried and tested tips mentioned below.

Know for Sure:

Sneezing is both a symptom of a cold and an allergy. So, it might be easy to confuse between the two. But knowing for sure what exactly you’re suffering from is a priority. A cold is usually caused by a nasty virus and is accompanied by a fever and a lasting headache. An allergic reaction, on the other hand, is triggered by something in the environment and comes without a headache. Observe yourself carefully and register your symptoms. Visit a doctor if you have to. Once you’re diagnosed with an allergic reaction, then proceed to the preventive steps.

Close off Openings:

Keeping the windows of your home, automobile, and workplace open during peak pollen season is like presenting yourself on a platter to the allergens. They can easily drift in through the uncovered openings like burglars do, and make your life a sneezing hell. Thus, it’s always better to keep the windows and the doors closed during allergy season. Keep the pollen out from your private space.

Get an Air Purifier:

An added allergy-preventive measure would be to equip your house with an air purifier. Why? Because even though you keep the openings closed and/or cover them with wire mesh, some of those nasty allergens still get in despite your best efforts to keep them out. However, an indoor air purifier would filter the air itself, trapping the dust and pollen, and release quality air for you to breathe in. Order an advanced variety like Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Allergen Remover right now and beat those allergies.

Shower Necessarily:

The great outdoors is full of substances you could get allergic to. Harmless substances which your body unnaturally overreacts to. Take the instance of grass or pollen for that matter. Pollen is sticky. It rides the air and lands on surfaces it finds compatible. If you’re allergic to it, then it would be in your best interest to take a shower every time you come home from the outside. Just to stay safe this season.

Consult in Extreme Cases: 

In the case your light allergy leads to chronic infections, or you start having asthmatic attacks, or you develop hay fever, or when over-the-top prescriptions like anti-histamine stop providing relief, then it’s time for you to visit your nearest allergy-specialist. Head online using your internet connection, as acquired from the special Spectrum offers, enter the zip code and contact the doctor of your choice. Do not delay in this lest the condition worsens.

Keep Tabs on Weather Updates: 

Seasonal allergies are directly linked to the weather changes. You’d be smart to keep an eye out for the regular updates, so you can know exactly what’s in store and how you can deal with it.  For example, if the atmospheric temperature hits sixty degrees or above, then it becomes an ideal time for the pollen to be released into the air. Once you know this, you can prepare for it.

Don’t Brush Off:

Although seasonal allergies are considerably less of a threat than any of the major bodily diseases, they should be taken seriously. I know it’s like for you workaholics out there to brush off your allergic symptoms and continue your rigorous routine. Let me tell you this now, it’s only going to make things worse. Allergies have the propensity to become life-threatening as well, as in the case of asthma. So, take due notice and rest to recuperate swiftly.

Take a Chill Pill:

Your best defense might actually lie in a positive immunotherapy treatment, which will allow you to rid your body of the allergic tendencies and stay healthful. You can administer shots or ingest pills to reduce the risk of some of the worst allergic reactions like asthma.

Time your Workouts:

When you exercise, your body naturally intakes more doses of fresh oxygen to allow the muscles to stretch and the metabolism to boost. This cannot happen when there’s pollen in the air. Because that would induce a bulldozer of an allergic reaction. So, check the pollen count before conducting your workout routine. Avoid those early morning jogs, and instead, opt for exercising indoors.

Wear a Mask: 

When the attack of the allergens worsens, then consider wearing an advanced filter mask, like one with an N95 or N99 filter, whenever you go outdoors. You cannot be too careful when it comes to this.

So, if you heed the aforementioned tips, you’ll surely succeed in keeping the allergies at bay and staying healthy throughout the tough season.

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