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Life Without Cables And Things That Make Cable Superior

Cutting the cord is something that is part of something that happened and more than 5 million Americans from the whole population got rid of their cable. It came with nothing that you can call or consider to be all good or all bad. Here are a few things that I experienced and would love to share with you guys.

Cutting The Cord Empowers Users:

People who tend to cut the cord get more freedom and is more for people who don’t want to pay around $200 for renting out a DVR. This is the excess amount that can allow users to buy a DVR for themselves. Apart from the sky-high cost of the hardware, it is not wise to pay for watching a few channels that you might not watch at all.

Policies Are Subject To Change Over The Time:

There are people who love to watch their favorite sports and submit a request to get an antenna. This often gets turned down because of legal matters. Later FCC graded putting up antennas to be legal on properties that are owned by them. Such policies and laws change the terms and conditions that are put down by the cable providers and the legislators as well. I think there is nothing like it when it comes to one of the many cable deals by cable deals Atlanta.

Bandwidth Spikes On A Timely Basis: 

The bandwidth that one experiences can fluctuate no matter how good of an internet connection you have. The bandwidth usage I used to experience before an increase in the bandwidth that I used to have. But the good part is that I never used to experience any kind of service outages or anything as such.

The Metadata Was Not Present At Times:

I believe that providers or services that provide services in our homes should always provide users with a date or a description of the shows that they might air. This is something that it is there that providers offer but there is always a need to add up to this.

All The Apps Don’t Really Work For Everybody:

This was something that happened to me as there are many channels. Providers that provide apps answer just the entertainment needs of the user. The ones that provide everything doesn’t provide any other convenience like watching your favorite programs anywhere else while traveling or if you are in some other room of your home. So this is something that becomes a drawback for cable users.

There is no end to user expectations. Likewise, there is something that will make cable services one of the most used services mediums as far as entertainment is concerned. Also, it is forecasted to remain the most preferred medium for entertainment and infotainment purposes. However, there can be variations in the things it will provide to users and the prices that will be charged to the users. Cutting the cable might save a few bucks from your income. But I don’t think it will match the convenience of sitting back on the couch, having a remote control and watching TV with your family on the big screen.

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Written by Sean Williamsons

A communication specialist who has a keen eye on developments and gadgets in the world of telecommunication. With more than 500 editorials on different aspects of communication and technologies involved. You can get insights on other topics too and make the most of Robbie’s experience and capabilities in the field.

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