Top 5 Productivity Apps of 2018 (Premium Edition!)

If there’s one thing which will pull you down in life, it’s that nasty distraction. Believe me.

Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing, you are constantly faced with distractions. These can be in the form of a crying baby downstairs, or the notification ringtone on your cell phone, or the smell of a pizza nearby, or even the chirping of a naughty cricket in the lawn outside your window etc.

Such diversions naturally steal away your focus and render you unable to complete your task at hand. A task which demands your undivided attention, and in severe cases, can even make or break your career.

Once the focus dissipates, so does the motivation and that gives rise to the beast known as procrastination, the arch-nemesis of productivity. This chain reaction envelops you like a suffocating blanket and you’re never able to make your way out of that sludge. Unless.

Unless you have the following apps by your side to guide you and enable you to stay on the path of success. Check them out.


You might have heard those golden words, often repeated in movies too.

‘I am my own worst enemy.’

Nothing could be truer. Trust me.

I know that the moment I sit down to work on that important file in my laptop—having a close deadline, btw—I’d definitely browse through my social media newsfeeds at the same time. It’s a pretty natural instinct.

But, with one eye on the Excel file and the other on my phone’s screen, my focus is always helplessly diverted, and due to that, I may not be able to render any task perfectly.

My problem? The distractions on my digitally hooked devices.

I wish there was some way I could block them all, so my attention would solely fall on the work.

Wait a minute…

There is.

And it goes by the name of ‘Freedom’. Yes, this wonderful app is a powerful productivity booster. Set the schedule during which you want to work and this app will block all the websites and the distracting apps for the set time, across all your connected devices! The only setback is that it’s a paid app. You can use it freely on for a short trial.


Gone are the days when you would receive minutes and memos at your workstation, when you would create files and folders just to keep track of your progress, and when you would be bound to follow that robotic and dehumanizing 9 to 5 shift. Ugh!

Thank god, everything is digital now! Things in the workplace have taken a more efficient and more flexible turn, bringing the employee productivity level to a greater height than before. And in this process, apps like Trello have helped a lot.

This simple app is a powerhouse in itself.

Basically, it’s a to-do board. Each employee has their own. On such an electronic board, thousands of interdepartmental projects or solo tasks can be listed, with proper reminders. You can collaborate with your colleagues or team leads on a massive level, and it makes following up on everything that goes down super easy!

No more clutter or keeping of clumsy records when Trello is around. It is a free app (for a limited amount of time), which you can test out.

It is also available for downloading on your smartphones, desktops, and whatnots. You just need to have a solid internet connection, like the one offered in those popular Spectrum deals.


Have you ever wondered that perhaps the reason why you have a difficult time focusing is that there are far too many thoughts in your head, each singing a tune of its own?

The creators of Headspace would agree to this deduction.

That is why the app that they offer is all about sitting still. Still. With a cleared up space in your head, devoid of all thought. Sounds calm and soothing, right? That’s what the app promises. It has meditational podcasts, activities which increase mental alertness, and focus-improving notes etc. Do give it a try and tell me how you liked it. Did it actually improve your productivity? Because I’d like to vouch that it will.

The only issue’s the price: $12.99 per month! If you can manage it, then there’s a whole world waiting for you.


Cybersecurity is a major concern these days, especially for large, data-based corporations. And one of the best ways to secure your cyber channels and your online networks is by protecting them with hardcore passwords.

Not just any passwords, complex and unpredictable combinations of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. The more convoluted the code, the lesser the chances of your systems getting hacked.

But who can even remember these complicated combinations? I, for one, can hardly recall what color socks I was wearing the other day, let alone this multiplex of passwords. Humor aside, forgetting passwords can be a serious problem. It has the propensity of wasting your time and energy, which is hardly something you’d want to unnecessary expend. Am I right? Then, what can you do?

Rely on the ‘1Password’ app to save you. This app remembers the passwords FOR YOU. You can access it easily anytime you’re in a similar fix. It will prevent you from getting annoyed and massively increase your productivity. Trust me.

It is $2.99 per month only!


There are certain sounds that you remember, hearing which you automatically feel more comfortable. And when you’re more comfortable, you’re naturally more productive. Get my point?

Noisli is that one app which will create the perfect ambiance for you, audio-wise. You’re sitting near the window and find the noise of traffic disturbing? Plug in your earbuds and listen to the calm seaside sounds that Noisli will put on for you. Now, you can continue your work easily and with a refreshed state of mind.

Give it a go. The browser version is free. Otherwise, it’s $1.99.

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