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What Kind Of Internet User Are You? Find The Right Internet Service For Yourself

Do you ever feel that the internet service you are having or paying for is something that is not something that you need? That’s the moment when people think about switching their service or make sure that they know what kind of services they need. It is very necessary to know what you need. Determine what kind of an internet user are you and identify the internet services that you need for your home. If you spend long hours online then, you need a connection that is slow and doesn’t cater your needs or leaves you with some of your tasks incomplete. Here’s how you can break up your services and the needs:

Light Internet Users: 

Such users perform tasks that include tasks like web browsing, sending/receiving emails, share files and such tasks that don’t use a lot of bandwidth. These users should use internet speeds that are more than or equal to 5 to 10 Mbps. Such users don’t spend long hours online or don’t do a lot of heavy duty streaming and are okay with using slower internet speeds that are highly cost-effective.


Moderate Internet Users:

These include internet speeds that are included in the Light user’s domain and have a slightly higher demand of the internet. They like to play games online and perform tasks like High-Definition video streaming. The internet speeds recommended for such users is gauged to be around 10 to 25 Mbps. This is something that people who love to socialize and spend time using social media platforms and watch a lot of YouTube and Netflix, etc.


Heavy Internet Users: 

Such users have the internet bandwidth requirements of all the above users and have the additional requirement of running some hardcore applications. Apart from that these guys like to watch High Definition streaming and do a lot of video conferencing and related activities simultaneously. The recommended speeds that they require could be around 25 – 50 Mbps and more. Sometimes these get up to more than 100 Mbps for people who use the internet more frequently. People who have their internet plugged in and stay connected to the internet throughout the day can benefit from these speeds. One can do their office work, stream their videos, share pictures, listen to music and send/receive large, sized files as well. Internet service providers like Spectrum Los Angeles try to tailor and target their services for this type of users and try to offer no data caps and unlimited downloading and much more to facilitate such users.

Certain things that Service Providers offer to their customers include:

The Number Of Devices You Want To Connect:

If you are someone who wants to connect a lot of devices to the internet, you must be needing higher bandwidth internet services. You can simply get all your family connected via a single internet connection and enjoy gaming online sharing files and watch your shows online at the same time.

The Data Caps Offered:

Internet services providers tend to offer a certain amount of data that you can view and download. Sometimes, if you want to add more to your package you are required to pay extra. Sometimes providers don’t restrict users with such caps and limits.

The Price And Packages Offered: 

The services and speeds also depend upon the amount of money you pay for your services. This greatly affects your speed and determine the kind of speed you use.

There are many determinants that affect your speed and help you make the most of your internet services and speeds. This ultimately affects your speed and experience delivered to you. Get the package that works for you.

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