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How to Secure Your Doors With a Card-Based Access Control System

If you’re running a company with a sizeable office or multiple offices, you’ll probably want a security system that’s quick and easy to install and efficient at keeping your operations safe. Security locks have always been a good and affordable choice, and you can always rely on a locksmith like A-1 Locksmith of the Palm Beaches, Inc. to recommend a few good locks. A popular one is the card-based lock.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is crucial if you want to install security locks. Planning ahead will mean understanding what resources you have and the kind of ground you need to cover. Not all doors require keycard locks, and not all doors should have them. It wouldn’t be prudent to install a card-based lock on a fire escape door, for example.

So, your main objective here is to check how many doors you have. Locksmiths and security companies often offer packages, which can cover one, two, three, or four doors. Some of these packages are easily expanded and some of them are not. A one-door package can’t be expanded, but a multiple-door package can have additional instances added to the system. If you expand your business and move to a bigger office, multi-door systems will help you cover more ground within the same system.

Speaking of expansion, you may also hire more employees. Hiring new people means you now have more people you have to monitor. Luckily, keycard system is accurate, fast, and reliable, and keycards can be issued or reworked without much hustle.

Lock Types

There are two main types of card-based locks available, and depending on your needs, both can be advantageous. Standalone locks are simple to use because they’re not only locks but also tiny security systems located in a single door. They often have their own power supply in the form of a battery and a backup, and they’re often able to tell you who accessed them and where. The main disadvantage of these types of locks is if their battery has been disabled, as well as the backup, they will leave the door completely defenseless.

Proximity readers are the most common card-based locks. They employ RFID technology, which is quite reliable. The system consists of one or more locks that are interconnected, and keycards are issued to personnel wishing to access them. A card needs to be presented at the door, which will unlock if the card is valid. Such a system is advantageous because cards suffer minimal wear and tear, it offers you a comprehensive look when it comes to people accessing your doors, and it’s easy to disable, audit, and issue new cards. The main disadvantage is that it can be costly to cover a large building, and if your personnel keeps changing, you’ll have to issue new cards.


In conclusion, card-based security systems are quite advantageous for businessmen everywhere. Cad-based locks are easy to use, easy to monitor, and easy to replace. Their reliability makes them beyond useful. Now, the only thing you need is to decide how many of these locks you require.

If you need a few card-based-locks, you can always check A-1 Locksmith of the Palm Beaches, Inc., as they’ve got quite a selection on their hands.

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“Door Access Control Systems Buyer’s Guide and How To Manual”

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