Office Security – 8 Ways to Create a Safe Workplace

Your office is the main place where you do business. It’s filled with expensive equipment, confidential data and valuable documents. And let’s not forget the safety of your employees. This means high office security should be one of the essential tasks you’ll tackle as the owner.

1. Install a monitored alarm system

The alarm system is one of the first things to install in an office. You can decide whether you want the alarm to send an emergency signal via an internet connection, landline connection or mobile phone connection. It sends a signal to a monitoring station, which then signals the police. Some types of alarms also have a two-voice intercom – when the alarm sets off, the intercom will connect you directly to the monitoring station, ensuring the quickest reaction time of the police.

2. Surveillance cameras

When installing surveillance cameras, make sure you have all the areas and corners covered, including walkways and parking lots, as well as all entry points. The cameras are connected to a monitor and recording station and are one of the security methods that work best. Some high-tech types include motion-sensing, night vision and even infrared. You can also choose to monitor the area via the internet.

3. Effective lighting

Sixty percent of burglaries happen during the night or in the evening. So, effective lighting will definitely deter some of them because burglars don’t like to be visible (even though they usually wear masks). The type of lighting you choose is dependable on the level of risk and on other forms of security in the area. Passive infrared is the most common type of security lighting – it gets activated when someone approaches its field of vision. What’s great is that it’s pretty cheap to install.

4. Door and window locks

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable part of every building, home and office. In countries like Australia, even homeowners install locks and secure windows usually used for high-security business buildings and offices. Every good locksmith in Sydney area deals with high-quality locks that are really hard to pick. When installing a new lock, make sure door hinges face inward if possible. Deadbolt locks are best on the market, whether you choose to get electronically controlled or manual ones.

5. Use a laptop lock

Laptops are one of the favorite items for burglars to steal. Using a laptop lock will make it very difficult for them to take the laptop away. This type of lock acts like a bike lock – it’s a metal cable attached to a hole in the laptop, while the other end is connected to an unmovable item (for example, a desk bolted to the floor). Laptop locks are easy to get and very affordable, and if you stop and think how much your laptop cost you – you won’t have any doubts about buying this lock.

6. Safe cabinets for files and documents

Not every piece of information is kept on the computer. Paper documents are still very much in use and you need to protect these sensitive documents, too. So, the cabinets in which you keep your business documents should be firmly locked. Also, it’s best if only authorized personnel have the keys to the cabinets – less chance of them “getting lost”.

7. Keep the cash in a safe

If you keep some in the office, it needs to be kept in a safe. One of the highly secure safes is a Eurograde safe but there are others that you may find more easily but which are equally secured. It’s best not to worry about money (more than usual!).

8. Security guards

Security guards can be used in two ways. They can monitor the front desk of your company or patrol around the building. The first type usually has good communication skills and is there to observe and report mostly. Others drive around the business complex and react if they notice a criminal activity. Most of the time, they are not cheap to hire but it is up to you to decide whether they would make an important contribution to the security of your business.

All in all

Each of these security methods plays an important part in providing safety and secures your business. The more you invest in it, the better you’ll sleep at night.

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Written by Hannah Thomas

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