The Secret of Getting the Best Value for Your Scrap Car

What was your first gift from your parents? Is it a laptop, phone or bicycle? Can you remember the amount of joy you felt? Those memories with belongings, never allow you to give it away, irrespective of how old or useless it is. But there comes a time, when you have to say ‘goodbye’ to it. And so is your vehicle. Regardless of the vehicle type or how much you love it, you have to sell it when it is no more in use.  And when you want to sell it, sending it to the scrap yard will only be the viable option left in your hand.

As there are several car wreckers in Australia, you can easily choose the right one that will be ready to pay you a good amount for your damaged car. However, do you know how to determine the price of a scarp car? To help you, here we have put together a few factors that help to determine this. Take a look.

1. Year, make, and model

The primary factor that helps to determine the price of a junk car is the most basic- what type of car is it? What is the year of manufacturing, make, and model? All these help to determine the current market value of the car, and its parts. Are you wondering how? If the car is still commonly used, particularly rare, or if the demand for its part is high, then the car will be valued more highly. If your junker is a common car, like any model of Nissan just 4×4, then it will be useful, and you will get a good price for this.  The year, make, and model are also important as car materials can change a great deal from year to year. Different materials are now very common, like environmentally friendly plastic. As a result, cars from certain years can contain much less steel and aluminium that plays an important role in determining the scrap value of the car.

2. Current price of scrap metal

This is a factor that most car owners consider not so important. However, it actually plays a crucial role in determining the going rate of a junk car. Even the vehicles that are not worth salvaging can be turned into scrap metal. The average vehicle contains about 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminium, and all that metal can be sold and recycled into new products. However, the price of scrap metal varies widely from year to year. It’s all based on the supply of aluminium and steel. For instance, when the supply for metal is high and demand is low, the price will automatically fall. Prices can also change for the same reasons depending on the local market.

3. Condition of your car

The condition of the car determines what a buyer will be able to do with it. Will they be able to restore it to the working condition and re-sell the car? Will they strip it and then sell the spare parts? Or will they turn it into scrap metal and sell it? If your scarp car has only a few issues that are preventing it from running smoothly, then you can ask for more cash than when it is completely damaged, especially when the current market value of the car model is high. But the specific condition plays a key role. If the total cost of repairing it is too high, then a buyer will not be willing to pay as much for the car itself. Moreover, if your junk car is a rusted out vehicle, which will not make it onto the road again, the car has to be bought for its scrap value or parts, based on the model.

So, these are the things that help to determine the value of any scrap cars of Nissan Mornington.

Author Bio: Oliver Makley, a popular blogger on different car models of Nissan, like just 4×4, and car wreckers, here put together a few important factors that help to determine the value of a car of Nissan Mornington.

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