Don’t Ignore Your Body Symptoms And Take Precautions Soon!

Ayurveda can cure the best of the diseases easily and it can be the most cost-effective way of medication. Various diseases cannot find its answers in homeopathy or allopathy but it can in Ayurveda. So this should be given a lot of importance and medication can be tried if you feel any symptoms. Disorders like Raynaud’s disease can be cured through Ayurveda. It can affect your blood vessels adversely if exposed to extreme conditions. So medication for the same should be the priority if suffering. 

The best treatment for Raynaud’s disease is here!

Raynaud’s disease is a circulatory disorder that affects the blood vessels of the toes and fingers of the toes when they are exposed to extreme cold weather and it makes them worse. Apart from affecting the limbs, Raynaud’s can also affect the nose tip, lips, ears and nipples in some patients.

You might have observed that the symptom flare up during stress and as you age with time. The best ayurvedic treatment for Raynaud’s is possible with ultimate benefits and cost efficiency. People with this disease may also notice their skin changing color to pale and then to blue when they are cold or stressed. They may feel a prickly numbness when exposed to cold and sometimes a stinging pain with throbbing and redness when they relax or warm up as blood returns to the extremities. For this, the Ayurveda herbs can be tried which does not have any side effects.

What are the causes and symptoms of the disease?

There may be many symptoms for the Raynaud’s disease which are feeling of coldness in the fingers or on the skin over lips, ears, and nose, etc; change in the colour of the skin over the area during the attack and it might range from pale skin to purple or even blue extremities and numbness, tingling sensation on heat application. As the blood returns, there could be redness, itching and swelling over the digits. Some of the major causes are smoking, beta blockers, certain Chemotherapy agents and some OTC cold and flu medications can also dispose of an individual to Raynaud’s.

Certain factors that are dangerous may also increase an individual’s risk of having primary Raynaud’s. Women are generally more commonly affected and as are people who live in cold places and those who suffer from chronic stress and other tensions. 

The management and herbal treatment for Raynaud’s disease!

For the treatment of the diseases, you can manage by the protection of limbs against extreme cold and injuries, improve the blood circulation in the limbs and extremities and relieving spasms in the blood vessels. The ayurvedic treatment for Raynaud’s Disease focuses mainly on correcting the dosha imbalances especially, the vata and pitta dosha in the blood vessels. Along with internal medications, there are also a few external therapies like bloodletting (Rakta mokshana), and pouring of medicated liquids (parisheka) that will help in improving the blood circulation. For the best cure you can have good ayurvedic medicine for Raynaud’s disease.


Therefore Ayurveda has a key to the cure of a lot of diseases and it can suit your body and release all your stress and tensions.

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Written by Sahil Arora

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