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Everyday Life – Living with depression

Most of us must have come across depression once in our lifetime may be a mild depression or a chronic kind. People with major depression get the signs almost every day for continuous 2 weeks or it may be a little longer. The minor kind of depression shows fewer symptoms.

Depression can occur to anyone at any age but, the symptoms differ from person to person. Any individual under depression cannot take control over the feelings. If depression is left untreated for a longer duration, the person might suffer for weeks, months, and even years.

Women are noticed to be more prone to depression than men. Women are twice more likely to get into depression than men. Though the exact reason is still not known, it is believed to be linked with female hormonal imbalance.

Depression – Symptoms:-

Depression usually differs with each person; hence, the symptoms differ as well. Some of the symptoms are as follows:-

  • Feeling empty, sad and hopeless
  • Severe exhaustion
  • A feeling of anger and guilt
  • Losing interest in activities that were meant to give you pleasure before
  • Unable to focus or remember old memories/details
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia or excess of sleep
  • Changes in appetite
  • Frequent body pains, headaches, cramps, breast tenderness, digestive issues, or bloating
  • Absence of energy
  • Weak in controlling feelings
  • Panic attacks

Depression – Causes

Change in hormones: The condition of depression can be caused due to the chemical imbalance in the brain or changing hormonal level.

Genes: Depression can be caused to a person when someone already has suffered from this disorder earlier in the family.

Medical condition: Anyone suffering from thyroid, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or any kind of nutrient deficiencies may suffer from depression.

Life events: Some people with depression must have gone through a tough and stressful situation in life, such as death or separation from someone close, unemployment, or chronic illness.

Drugs or alcohol consumption: Regular intake of drugs or alcohol may give rise to depression.

After labour depression: There are higher chances of women going through mood swings which may lead to depression at times. The mothers often lose their appetite or find difficulty in sleeping. This feeling usually lasts up to 10 days after delivering the baby. However, there are chances that some women may suffer find difficult to cope with the disorder or it may stay for a longer duration.

Diagnosis: It is recommended to keep your health care expert informed about your condition and symptoms. The sooner you opt for treatment, the sooner the depression can be cured. Usually, the doctor will ask for the symptoms, medical condition, family, and relationship.


Depression disorder can be effectively treated with counseling and medication. Those suffering from this disorder should consider eating nutritious meals, stay active, and avoid drugs, alcohol to a large extent.

Anti-depressant pills

Ask your medical expert to prescribe some anti-depressant medicines for depression. Such anti-depressant increases the number of chemical messengers in your brain.


Those who are suffering from moderate depression can opt for counseling as an effective depression treatment. People with major depression may not find counseling enough; it can be used in a combination with medications for noticeable results. The most effective way to treat depression is through medication and talk therapy for treating people with severe depression.


CBD is one of the compounds of the 60+ active compounds of Cannabinoids. Through cannabis plant can be produced from industrial hemp and marijuana, both the substances include different CBD ratio. However, both can be used in producing CBD but industrial hemp is majorly used to formulate products for humans and pet consumption. CBD contains antidepressant properties that treat depression and anxiety disorders effectively. CBD is popularly used for achieving a sense of relief from Depression, Anxiety, and Stress. The natural compound found in CBD lowers stress level while offering a calming effect on the person using this on a regular basis.

Living with depression

Combating depression and not giving up is an essential factor. Those people who are taking all the medication and therapy regularly and consistently will notice improvement with the passing time.

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s that you should follow:-


  • Stay active.
  • Indulge in those activities that make you feel better.
  • Avoid taking drugs and alcohol.
  • Exercise regularly to stay active.
  • Incorporate healthy meal options.
  • Get restful sleep.
  • Set goals and achieve them.
  • Push yourself to become better each day.
  • Learn more about depression and ways to combat.


  • Never keep yourself isolated.
  • Never think negative about yourself, such as blaming or considering a failure.
  • Avoid taking hasty decisions that can make a major difference in life.
  • Don’t overburden yourself with responsibilities.
  • Never feel discourages or never give up in life.

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