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9 Reasons to stay in a service apartment in Pune

The concept of Service Apartment in Pune is steadily garnering popularity. The main reason behind this being the growth in IT sector in the past one decade, and the resultant growth in other sectors.

Pune has grown a lot in the past decade, from the Oxford of East, it is now also one of the leading IT hubs of the country. A city which was popular amongst the people ready to retire it is now the sought after place for the youth ready to migrate and settle in Pune.

This phenomenon has taken the real estate industry by storm and the demand for housing facilities increased a lot. For the youth trying to make Pune their home, a serviced apartment is an ideal solution. With all the required basic necessities these apartments come ready to live-in. All you need to get is your clothes and personal belongings.

Service apartments are fully furnished ready to move-in apartments available for the short or long-term duration of the lease. This is ideal for people traveling for a short duration and is looking for options other than hotel accommodation.

Benefits of Service Apartment in Pune

Home-like Experience

Service apartments provide a home-away-from-home experience to you. Hotels are a luxury accommodation option providing you the basics. However, often when the duration is long, for example, more than 2 weeks you tend to miss the comfort of your home. A serviced apartment comes with a separate living room and kitchen and bedroom you get the feel of home.

Ready to use Kitchen

A Service apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen, with gas, utensils, fridge, microwave, crockery, and anything that you might need to start cooking. Having a ready kitchen at your disposal allows you the luxury of eating what you want and when you want. Pamper your food-mood, cook, heat or get a home delivery as per your wish.

Be a Host

Now that you are staying for a long period, you make friends or maybe have some relatives/old friends in the city. Living in a service apartment allows you the freedom of inviting friends and relatives over for spending an evening together.

Perfect fit apartments

The service apartments in Pune typically are re-constructed parts of a building. These apartments can be 1 kitchen and bedroom, 1 living room, kitchen and bedroom each or more than 1 bedroom. There are many options for you to select from as per your requirement. If you are single or family person there are service apartments to suit all your requirements.

More Space

A service apartment is more spacious in comparison to a hotel room. They also have dedicated separate space for areas like kitchen, dry balcony, and living room. This gives you the feeling of space and privacy.


If you are traveling with a child than opting for service apartment for stay is ideal and the best. The spacious rooms make it easy for the child to play and the kitchen gives you the flexibility of cooking as per your child’s timetable. Also since the service apartments are a part of residential society often there is an equipped play area and swimming pool to give your child engaged and happy.


The service apartments are mainly part of residential apartment society. These societies have round the clock security services and basic housekeeping staff. A serviced apartment is by concept an independent well-contained apartment which has everything but is not very formal like a hotel.


Hotels charge you as per night whereas the service apartments are charged as per week or month. Service apartments are also suitable if you are traveling with many people, as service apartments are charged as per apartments not as per the number of people. Though there is a limit to the number of people that can stay in an apartment but still it pocket-friendly.


Booking of a service apartment is simple, just look, like, book and pay. There is no legal documentation needed as opposed to renting a flat.

Pune is home to many young people, coming from all across the country for future prospects. Often people from outside India also come over on projects for specific durations. Rather than leasing an apartment and buying required electronics and furniture, opting for a service apartment is ideal as it comes fully ready to move in.

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Written by Gajanan Mali

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