Depression: A Deadly Mental Disorder That Needs Urgent Attention

In our technologically rich world, we fail to take time out and look at how happy or content we are in our lives! People keep hustling every day in order to fulfill their personal and professional needs. Some have the worry of completing their education while some are searching for jobs, some are facing heartbreaks while some have the worry of taking care of their family, all in all, each one of us is worried and concerned about some, or the other thing in our lives, just that our issues are different! While most people might look happy from outside, a majority of us are either broken or shattered inside with full of anxiety and stress over our head and that leads to depression!

What causes depression?

Well, the actual cause of depression cannot be objectified as it differs from person to person. In some instances, even the smallest of things affect a person’s mind and heart so much that he or she can slip into depression due to that while it may seem nothing sort of any serious issue to others.

Therefore, the actual reasons behind a person suffering from depression might not be predicted well but some common reasons can be stress over financial issues, heartbreaks or broken relationships, the pressure in the work front, not being able to live up to people’s expectations, not performing too well in studies, etc.

The people who have a strong emotional and sentimental side to them are more likely to be affected by these unruly conditions of life than those who do not feel things such strongly. So, no matter how difficult the situation is, one must try to remain optimistic and hopeful about life and should not let the stressful conditions to worsen more to such an extent where it invites more severe risks related to the mental health condition of the concerned person.

How to get rid of depression?

Before you intend to get rid of depression, you should know about the signs that indicate that you are suffering from it. Often people ignore the possible signs citing reasons that maybe they are over thinking or it is just a matter of time, etc.! However, they don’t understand that they are actually getting close to being in a depressed mental health condition which may worsen with time if no proper care is taken! Some common signs of depression include

  • Urge to be alone
  • Not willing to communicate much with people
  • Suffering anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • Behavioral changes
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts
  • Losing interest in any kind of pleasurable activities or hobbies

If you see these signs in anyone close to you then the first thing that you must do is to TALK to them. The depressed people are more likely to go into a social isolation state where they refuse to communicate with people. But it is evident that the more these depressed people talk about their problems, the more are the chances of them recover faster.

Also, try convincing them for going out and enjoy on parties and do things that they like. You can also use stress management and antidepressant drugs to control their anxiety and calm them for a certain period.

If you place cbd oil under tongue of the depressed persons, then it can also relieve them of the stress and keep them in a better mental condition for long. And if at all, these techniques fail to show any improvement then see a mental health expert immediately otherwise it can prove fatal for the depressed person immensely.

Final thoughts on depression

Though it is almost impossible to lead a stress-free life today, paving way for it to get worse is something we must not do (but still doing unconsciously). When these stresses and anxieties keep increasing day by day, it turns into depression making the affected individual succumb to the worsening mental health condition.

If we go by the statistics, almost 300 million people suffer from depressions globally which include individuals of all ages. It is indeed an alarming sign as most people do not even understand that either they or their near ones are suffering from the disorder before something worse happens with them!

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Written by Alex Coomb

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