4 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Being a marketer is not an easy job. One needs to check minute-by-minute updates in this field so that there is no compromise in the area that is in the dire need of upgrading and updating all the time. Marketing is about knowing the latest trends and search engine updates that can increase sales/conversion rate. It is also about being aware of the competitors, their strategies and then yours, in response to those strategies. It is not as simple as it looks like. It takes a huge amount of experimentation, deductions, analyses, results to formulate a marketing strategy that you trust will be successful in the audience. It is a bit of a risky road. To help you with that, here are a few suggestions:

  • Try A/B Experimentation 

Marketing takes in its concern the fact that you experiment with new techniques and strategies on different platforms. For example. If you are running a marketing campaign on Instagram, it does not mean that it will work on other social media platforms as well, for every platform is specific in its ability to cater the audience. You need to learn what a specific platform is good at so that you can use a specific strategy to promote your service. Sometimes the idea is great but it does not give the expected results. Many factors could be the reason behind the given results. You can only know about those factors once you experiment with the new strategies. We encourage every aspiring marketer to experiment as much as he can; there are many techniques that, yet, people have not successfully made the use of. Through A/B experimentation, you will have the two chances of proving which strategy works well. It works as a comparative method to prove different factors contributing in two different ideas to reap results. Both the ideas have equal opportunity to prove itself. The one with the better results will be your successful experiment, the other will be an opportunity for you to learn from. In fact, the less successful one would be a great contributor of understanding the differences between ideas and the platforms where they are being exercised.

  • Create an attractive and Clear Proposition 

The statement you make onto the world with your service is what will attract attention. Branding is really important. You need to have a clear idea of the product you are making for the public. It needs to have a complete theme, a back story and an interesting purpose of being in the market. These factors should illustrate why a visitor should buy your service, and why a person needs such a service and why should your service, in particular, be availed. Your website is the representative of your product, The tagline of your service should also be a glimpse of how good your service is. Once you have your audience’s attention through your remarkable representation, also known as proposition, you are half way in your customer’s pocket.

Here are two things to keep in mind while making a good value proposition:

You need to make sure your proposition differentiates between your offer and your competitor’s. It has to have at least a few features that makes it better than the other offers. In this part should your visitor learn what your service possess to beat the rest of the competitors.

Include that one element in your proposition that has the most demand, is the most unique of all other deals. This element should be the fortune bearer for your business. If you know the right way to advertise it, you will have the best results.

  • Use the Sales Funnel 

You don’t have to be too quick at selling your product; that will completely ruin your sales strategy. You have to wait for the right time before you push your audience into buying your product. You need to manipulate your audience gradually by seeding the “need” of a service in their minds. Do not cover their screens with pop-ups or CTA notifications before they have even made their minds. You have to drive them to your market but slowly familiarizing them with your services first. And once you know they have reached the point where they are convinced they need your service, you can talk about the prices and deals of your services.

You can start with luring the audience with a video relevant to the service you are providing. Once you have your audience’s attention, who may only be on your website, you have another opportunity to spark the need of your services by mentioning the deals and packages they can get if they buy your service. You can even engage them by offering them some courses. You can also offer free trial service so that they could know how good your service is.

  • Eliminate Jargons 

Random visitors are not on your site to “study” a piece of literature. They are there to find answers to the questions they have in their minds, not to get more puzzled with things they cannot make sense of. You can impress them with your ability to communicate with tough words, they won’t be convinced they need your service if they can’t fully make sense of what you are offering them. You can’t use formal language everywhere. You can’t use informal language everywhere. There are places for every type of language. It is for you to decide where you need to communicate in simpler language so that your visitor can understand your terms and offers. For example, if you are trying to sell windstream internet deals , you can’t be too complicated with the language; be lucid.

Whenever you finish writing a content piece, ask yourself these questions: 

Is it explaining your service? Is it communicating the intent of your business? Is it explaining every deal and package you are offering to your customer? Is it competing with the parallel offers? Is it easy to understand every bit that you have mentioned on a page?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you have done your job well.

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Written by Sage Houston

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