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Blue light filtering Glasses: A Modern Solution to Modern Eye Problems

Blue light filtering glasses are the talk of the town for the very right reasons. There’s no denying that the world has become more digitalised, it’s a delightful sight to see someone without their headphones or smartphones. The technology has given many benefits but we often over-consume them so that we have to pay a very heavy price.

Digital devices give us a sweet switch from our busy reality into the fun world of entertainment and gaming. However, they are now heavily influencing our eye condition and it is almost at the verge of becoming a serious threat. These eye conditions are occurring way before age and it’s damaging every age group, especially young kids, damaging their vision strength from quite an early age. The solution is Blue light filtering glasses or Blue light blocking glasses. Here’s how digital screens are causing vision conditions that are creating uneasiness and unbearable pain.

What’s the threat in using Digital Screens?

Digital screens including our laptops, ipads, tablets, smartphones and computers are now the major cause of causing several visual discomforts. This phenomenon is caused only by excessive hours of smartphone and all other digital screens.

“An average person in the United Kingdom spends two days i.e 48 hours in a week online.” This year has seen three times more engagement on the internet, partly more social media like Instagram and Facebook. While in adults, 77% of them spend as much as 40 to 45 hours a week on the internet.

Prolong hours of digital screen consumption not only affect your mental health and physical health but also cause major discomfort in your eyes. Many people are having a hard time using the screen comfortably and find it even hard to open their eyes many times. All these major conditions might seem small at the initial stage but it slowly progresses into severe visual damage.

What are Modern eye problems and what causes them?

All the major eye problems are majorly constant eye-strain, headaches, dry-eye, burning sensation and any more. You feel these visual discomforts even after 3 to 4 hours of screen consumption and it becomes hard for you to continue your work. It happens because of harmful blue light rays that are emitted from all our digital screens, the sun and LED lights.

Blue light rays are the major reason behind experiencing eye fatigue, headaches or itchiness and redness in the eye because it gets directly absorbed in the eyes.

Blue light rays penetrate in the retina of the eyes and cause major implication in the eye health, which start with dry-eyes, redness and then develop into major issues.

Blue light rays also suppress the release of sleep-inducing hormones called melatonin. Thus it keeps you awake all night while making you look tired and discharged in the morning.  Blue light rays not only suck out the energy but also productiveness to continue any task. Other than using less digital screens, the only effective solution that works powerfully towards eradicating blue light rays from our eyes is blue light filtering glasses. This filter allows coating on every prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses so that all of us who face these discomfort can treat it successfully.

How does Blue light Filtering Glasses benefit our vision?

Blue light filtering glasses contain anti-reflective properties that block out harmful blue light rays falling on your eyes and keeps you actively protected. Blue light filtering glasses not only get rids of all major visual discomfort but you’ll be able to work for more hours on your screens with ease and comfort now as there won’t be any vision damage. Do your work in a protected and safe environment without any absorption of harmful blue light rays while also remaining good hours of sleep.

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