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Can Hepatitis C Be Cured? Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C

Can hepatitis C be cured? Such a question sets hundreds of thousands of sick people who are looking for at least some hope for a successful outcome of their problem. Nowadays medicine has stepped far ahead, and every person suffering from this serious illness has received a second chance for a normal life. However, to improve one’s health in this situation is not at all easy. What kind of actions should be taken to defeat hepatitis? We will try to understand this issue.

The first signs of hepatitis

Before answering the question of whether hepatitis C can be cured, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic information about this serious illness. The disease is the most common of all viral hepatitis, currently it affects about three percent of all inhabitants of the globe, in Russia it affects about 5 million people. Quite often, hepatitis is asymptomatic, destroying the body from the inside, for such qualities, he received an interesting nickname “affectionate killer.” At the initial stage it can be tried to recognize by such signs as:

  • Frequent urge to vomit, nausea;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • General tiredness, malaise;
  • Episodic increase in body temperature;
  • Runny nose and cough.

Signs of hepatitis in the second stage

The disease of hepatitis C consists of two periods: the first, described above, and the second, the so-called icteric. At this stage, the disease is fairly easy to diagnose by external manifestation. So, the following symptoms stand out:

  • Change of color of urine (from yellow to dark brown);
  • Improvement of the general condition (signs of the first stage disappear);
  • Yellowness of the eye sclera and mucous membranes (eyes, mouth);
  • Yellowness of the skin in general;
  • Severe pain in the right side of the stomach, under the ribs;
  • Discoloration of feces (not always).

Quite often, the primary symptoms of the disease can be confused with the symptoms of a cold, in the beginning it is difficult to recognize hepatitis C. Treatment is symptomatic, from influenza and acute respiratory disease, and the present ailment continues to progress and gradually destroy the body from within.

Methods of transmission of hepatitis C

Let’s talk about how hepatitis C is transmitted. There are quite a few ways of infection, and only knowing them, you will be able to ensure the most reliable prevention of infection. So, potentially risky situations include:

  • Blood transfusion (with an unverified donor);
  • Cosmetic manipulations (piercing and tattoos);
  • Dental manipulation;
  • Intravenous injection of drugs with reusable needles;
  • Unprotected sex (rarely found);
  • At natural sorts (it is transferred from mother to the child).

It must be remembered that the disease spreads only through the blood, handshakes and the use of common household items (dishes, combs) do not pose any danger.

Your first steps to improve health

Having received general information about the disease, it is time to answer the question of how to cure hepatitis C. The first thing you should do when you learn about the existence of such a disease in yourself is to stop worrying and commit rash acts. You have every chance of recovery that you need to use.First of all, do not self-medicate. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to the worst possible outcome. It is best to visit a special doctor – a hepatologist. He will give you a detailed examination, offer to pass blood tests to confirm the diagnosis, determine the method of treatment and give out ancillary appointments. Observance of all requirements will help you to fully restore your health.The newest drugs for treatment

The newest treatment for hepatitis C is based on drugs such as Interferon and Ribavirin. Combined, these medicines provide an excellent effect, but their use is permissible and one by one. Let’s talk a little more about each of them:

  • The drug “Ribavirin” The main purpose is suppression of the hepatitis virus, prevention of its spread in the human body. Assigned by blood test. The average dose is 1000 mg (plus / minus 200 mg) per day, which are taken twice a day, usually in the morning and evening.
  • Means “Interferon”. Autogenous protein designed to trigger internal immune processes that protect the body from disease, which can effectively fight its consequences and ensure proper recovery. There are several types. The dosage is determined by the doctor (for example, the most common drug is “Interferon alfa-2a” – 3-6 million units three times in 7 days).

Any means of treating hepatitis C is aimed at arresting the development of the disease. The main thing is to stop the development of the virus, and the earlier you start to do it, the better. These drugs are great for treating chronic stage.

By what other means is hepatitis C treated? Reviews about such products as Essentiale, Silimar, and Phosphogliv are also quite positive. However, they only improve the performance of the liver, but do not kill the virus itself, which continues its action in the body. Based on this information, such medications can be used only as an auxiliary therapy, rather than as a basic drug.

Possible side effects

How severe is hepatitis C treatment? The reviews of ill people, as well as official information from doctors indicate possible side effects of the selected therapy. Most often they appear at the initial stage of treatment, later become less pronounced and gradually pass. The following are the most common manifestations of reactions:

  • Elevated temperature;
  • Headaches, in muscles and joints;
  • Loss of weight and appetite;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Apathy and depression;
  • Hair loss;
  • Sensation of dryness and tightness of the skin.

Changing the diet

Can hepatitis C be cured? Of course you can. However, to achieve a positive result, it is not enough to take only the special preparations listed above. It is necessary to abandon bad habits (smoking, alcohol) and start a healthy lifestyle. Try to limit physical activity and rest more often. Among other things, special attention should be paid to diet.

First increase the number of daily drinks. It can be home decoctions (for example, dog rose), special mineral water (prescribed by a doctor), freshly squeezed juices based on berries and fruits (diluted with boiled water), as well as green tea. For a day should drink at least 2 liters.

During an exacerbation of the disease, it is recommended to temporarily give up meals. With a reduction in pain, the diet is usually diluted gradually. Start with lean porridge on the water, then diversify the menu with low-fat dairy products, and then fish. Try to eat in small portions, but with fewer breaks between them.

Special diet No 5

Diet No. 5 is designed specifically for a disease such as chronic hepatitis C. Treatment and proper nutrition can really stop the disease as soon as possible. A special table is the restriction of fats (both vegetable and natural) and salt. All products included in its composition do not irritate the liver, do not cause brewing and rotting in the digestive tract. All dishes are prepared exclusively for a couple or in the process of cooking, occasionally you can pamper yourself with a dish baked in an oven (without a hard crust).

What foods are included in this diet? These include:

  • Vegetarian soups;
  • Porridges based on oatmeal, mango, rice or buckwheat;
  • Lean meat (rabbit) and poultry (chicken, turkey);
  • Sour-milk and dairy products (necessarily low-fat);
  • Egs (boiled and in omelettes, not fried);
  • Vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes, beets and others);
  • Fresh and baked fruit (preferably not too sweet);
  • Berries.

Full taboos are imposed on all fried, alcoholic, spicy, smoked. Forget about sweets, cheesecakes, cakes and eskimo, sugar. Canned food, purchased sausages, sausages and various sausages are also excluded from the diet. Under the ban all flour, butter (including homemade) and carbonated drinks.

Observe the diet is extremely important in the chronic stage of hepatitis. A proper diet will ensure the mobilization of forces and a reduction in possible unpleasant sensations.

Measures to protect others from contamination

It is important to know not only how to cure hepatitis C, but also how not to become a source of infection for the people around you. Despite the fact that the virus is transmitted when blood contacts the blood, keep personal household items separate from common things. This rule applies to razors, scissors and toothbrushes, they should not be used by anyone other than you.

With open bleeding wounds, try to carry out their treatment yourself or by contacting a medical facility. If you are a non-professional, ask him to use one-off individual gloves.

If there is blood on any surface, disinfection should be carried out. So, fabric materials can be boiled, and everything else can be processed with the help of any improvised chlorine-containing composition.


Can hepatitis C be cured? You can, most importantly – in time to identify the disease and turn to knowledgeable specialists. Regular delivery of tests, compliance with general health requirements and a special diet, as well as the right medication can restore your health. Do not forget about the need for preventive measures, this will help prevent the disease and stop its further spread.

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