Complications of mouth Piercings

Oral piercings are a type of body piercing which is actually a hole made in an oral cavity area to wear jewelry.  Depending upon the organ to be pierced, you can get a wide variety of oral piercing jewels like stud, barbells, closed rings, unclosed rings, temporary plastic jewellery, etc. Teenagers and youngsters prefer such mouth piercings and tongue splitting to express them in a stylish manner.

Do you know such piercings made with a needle in the oral regions will harm your mouth?

The decorative appliance worn with the opening made has an ally with harmful disease-causing agents. Such oral piercings will cause harmful dental diseases and life-threatening diseases in the long run.

Consequences of oral piercings

The mouth piercings cause intense pain at times and interfere with speaking, eating, chewing and swallow foods. Apart from such oral intrusions, the metal substances placed inside your mouth will cause infections which is the main source for serious diseases.

Typically, our mouth has a lot of infectious bacteria. The moist environment inside the mouth because of the salivary flow make the mouth as a breeding ground for various oral bacteria. The pierces made for the cosmetic wear in any organ inside the oral cavity will open a way for the minute organisms to penetrate inside the pierced area.

1) Nerve damage & Continual bleeding

If you prefer piercings for your tongue, you are at risk of damage in the tongue nerves and scar tissues. You should get such piercings from an experienced person. It is because if the needle accidentally hurts the nerves, it will make the tongue numb until it is fixed.

In certain cases, nerve damage is irreversible. It makes permanent tongue numbness. Likewise, the tissues and veins are also get hurt during the piercing. If the trauma is quite deep, it will lead to persistent bleeding and cause more blood loss.

2) Gum Damage

People who get Frowny piercings or piercings in their gums are highly prone to periodontal problems like receding gums, Gingival inflammation. It happens because of the pressure applied by the metal against the teeth. Allergic reactions and the irritation of gum tissues with the metal also cause such issues in the gums.

Periodontal problems like gum diseases and gum recession are highly powerful to weaken the underlying tooth bone and lead to tooth loss.

Researches show that people with frowny piercings and tongue piercings have more chances of gum diseases when compared to people who get piercings in other oral regions.

3) Damage in Teeth

As mentioned in one of the above sections, the metal piercings in mouth exert pressure against the teeth. Likewise, they abrade with the surrounding teeth when we eat and chew foods. The pressure along with the friction weaken the teeth’s enamel and chip the teeth.

Some people develop a habit of playing with the rings inside the mouth, it also causes an adverse effect on the teeth like teeth abrasions, etc.

4) Respiratory Problems

Besides infection in the pierced area, swelling is also possible after fixing the oral piercing jewellery. Swelling or inflammation in tongue, uvula and throat can block the nasal passage and obstruct the airways. It makes the person hard o breath.

5) Bad Breath

As the pierced ring in the mouth adheres to the particles inside the oral cavity, the oral bacteria take advantage of it and gets accumulated on the metal ornament. It makes the oral piercing a new shelter for the microorganisms inside the mouth. Then bad breath is possible because of the gathering of oral bacteria.

If you had tongue piercings, then you have higher chances of bad breath. It is because the tongue with an oral piercing is very hard to clean. The deposition of bacteria takes place at a higher rate in a pierced tongue.

6) Keloid Formation

Keloids are the overgrowth of scar tissues occurred anywhere in the body. Some people get keloids because of the piercings made in the ear to wear earrings. It shows that the chances of keloid formation are higher for the piercings made in the oral cavity regions like lip, tongue, uvula, etc.

7) Bloodborne diseases

The infections or accumulation of bacteria in the pierced site inside the mouth are harmful to secrete a toxic substance. It is also possible with the bacterial infection in the gum regions. Then the noxious component produced by the oral bacteria gets released in the blood flow. This will cause serious diseases like Endocarditis, Hepatitis, etc.


The side effects of oral piercings are more harmful than you think. Unlike Tooth Jewellery, the cosmetic ornaments fixed with piercings inside the mouth are associated with serious complications.

In some cases, it will persist even after you remove the metal substance. To avoid such discomforts, it is better to get the piercings from a licensed Professional and get dental checkups at regular intervals after adhering the oral piercing rings.

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Written by Hussain Al Saleh

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