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Keeping Your Baby Safe from Suffocation during Sleep

When a baby sleeps, he is not aware of the surroundings, and the parents have to ensure that they sleep in a recommendable manner for their safety.

Research has proved that a good number of infants die in their tender age from sleep-related conditions, most often is caused by suffocation.

Here are some of the recommendations that would help to keep your baby safe when sleeping.

  1. Sharing the same room– For the first six months after birth, it is essential to share the room with the infant so that any time there is any discomfort, you can know and support the baby immediately. The baby crib should be placed near your bed so that any movement is detected early enough. Feeding also becomes comfortable rather than waking up and moving to a different room altogether.
  1. Ensure that the sleeping surface is firm enough to keep the baby comfortable. The bedsheets should be firmly fastened to the crib to ensure that in case of the baby rolls, there will be no chances of coiling them around the neck which is prone to causing death. Other soft material should be kept away from the crib since studies have proved that most of the times, they are the primary cause of suffocation in babies.
  1. For the first one year of birth, babies should sleep on their backs. It’s possible for a baby to suffocate when sleeping with the stomach and the risks of death in such a situation are high. As the baby continues to grow, they develop muscle strength. When traveling, the car seat should be firmly fastened firmly to prevent him from being shaken and turn in the wrong side by mistake.
  1. It’s important to observe them, and once they can comfortably sleep on their stomachs, then they can be allowed.
  1. The health – Always ensure that the baby’s health is a priority such that when they are sleeping, the room should be a smoke-free room.
  1. Do not allow the baby to seep in a couch in the living room – Many times, you find that baby falls are common in the living room because couches do not have fasteners to hold the baby well, and the chances of the baby falling are high. This may lead to breaking the tiny bones which have a long life negative implications.
  1. Sharing the bed – The only time that you should share the bed with the baby is when breastfeeding. Allow the baby to have freedom in her bed and also avoid getting into contact with your beddings. This is because in case you fall asleep, they might suffocate themselves with the sheets and pillows which is a dangerous encounter. The other reason as to why you should not share the bed is for health reasons. You can imagine a situation where your partner is a heavy smoker, and the breath is transferred to the baby while sleeping, the effects will be worse health-wise and should be avoided at all costs.
  1. Do not rely on the breathable mattresses – The reason behind this is because the baby may inhale stale air from the mattress and end up having worse side effects. Breathable mattresses may leave contaminated aeration when any wetness has been sucked causing more harm than safety,


When preparing for your baby, ensure that the beddings are comfortable with the right size of the crib. This means that they should meet the standards of the consumer products safety commission.

Ensure that you support the baby to sleep safely by making sure that he rests on the right side and posture. This will help even in the formation of the shape of the head which has excellent future impacts.

Finally, a peaceful baby will make a calm Mom. Keep your baby safe for your peace.

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