8 Spectacular ways To Surprise your Employee on Birthday

Employees feel loved, cared for, and recognized when office colleagues put the effort into celebrating employee’s birthdays. Many companies provide such types of amenities to arrange birthday celebrations at the office. It is one kind of appreciation they are getting every year to showcase the special respect for their valuable time and effort. Every employee in the company is a part of a company. Their support and hard work make the organization successful in the corporate world. So let’s not forget them on their special day of life. We have followed spectacular ways to make employees feel valued and honored. Monthly office birthday celebration ideas will definitely motivate employees to ensure productivity and increase the workforce.

1. Order Food Online for Team Lunch

Mostly office lunchtime colleagues bring Tiffin from home. Here the company has to order a favorite lunch box from nearby restaurants for all colleagues. Company has to order the favorite dishes and all office staff should eat it in the honor of his/her birthday. It’s a great team-building exercise. Or you all can go to a nearby restaurant and have delicious lunch and dinner outside. This minimal planning can motivate employees to boost confidence and faith in the company.

2. Desk Decoration

The full staff has to work on it. All colleagues have to come early to decorate the office desk. Buy some balloons, some decorative ribbons and laces, and birthday stickers to decorate the chair and office table. If possible everyone has to come with gifts and put it on the office desk. As soon as he enters in the office loudly sing a birthday song and cheer with claps. Seriously it is going to be a big surprise for them. It will always feel their heart with joy and pleasure when he/she will start working on the table.

3. Ice Cream bar

Ice-cream is a sweet dessert enjoyed any time of the day. Everyone loves ice-cream so it’s the best plan to arrange an ice-cream bar. You can place the orders before the time because you will need ice-cream in bulk. On the next day arrange one table and set up all the ice-cream flavors there. Call the birthday host to pick the choicest flavor of ice-cream. The others will follow thereafter. You can also arrange an ice-cream eating competition to get fun out of it.

4. Birthday Breakfast

As soon as they arrive in the office all you need to do is to serve a beautiful breakfast on the office table. They might be treated like the show’s topper. Order some readymade breakfast includes toast, boiled eggs, juices, pancakes, cupcakes, garlic bread, sausages, cut fruits and so many. It’s a nice treatment to let the employee understand his value in the company.

5. Delicious Cake Cutting

Order Online Birthday cake delivery to Italy and arrange the cake cutting ceremony. The cake is the most important part of the birthday celebration. We cannot assume a birthday celebration without cake cutting trend. Here you need to decorate the office table with balloons and birthday stickers. Once he enters the office, give him a royal welcome, poke some balloons, and then tell him to cut the cake. Your warm and welcoming gesture will put him into delighting surprise will leave in his memories forever.

6. Give them a gift card

A gift card is a useful and thoughtful option. We always think about what type of gift will suit his personality. Some gifts go over budget. You can solve this problem by sending a gift card. gift cards can be redeemed in a limited period of time. An employee can purchase their favorite item hassle free in Italy.

7. Make a Charitable Donation

On their birthday they can do some charity and gain happiness by delivering smiles on other’s faces. The company should ask what type of charity they believe in and issue some money for them to donate that money to the charity organization. You can also tell them to visit that institution to get pleasurable satisfaction.

8. Give a Customizable Gift

Giving a personalized gift is a current trend followed in the corporate world. Mostly they etch company name with company employee name to remark the success of the person. From leather bags to desktop accessories, purses, key chains, pen stands, pen and notebooks, there are too many options available to send corporate gifts online.

Employees are the backbone of the company. Without their mutual support company cannot get the desired profit. So appreciation needed the most to encourage and motivate them. This is why companies now take a good stand to show the importance of birthday celebrations in the office.  This creates positive environment surroundings. It also helps in building the trust factor between the company and employees. I have talked a lot about how to celebrate an employee’s birthday in the office. If you have any ideas you can share your views in the comment box mentioned below.

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