Everything You Should Know About Window Installation

Window glass installation is a difficult process, which requires a set of expertise. The vast majority of people tend to hire professionals who have enormous experience in this field. This saves a lot of time but also assures that the job will be done ideally. We have created a list of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to window glass installation.

Hire the best in the game

As was mentioned previously, it is highly recommended to hire experts who will take over this process. However, it might be quite challenging to find these professionals as there is an enormous number of companies offering such services. In order to make the decision-making process easier, you can make use of AAMA. It stands for American Architectural Association, which runs a training and certification program for window glass installation and exterior door installation.

To be more specific, the program is called Installation Masters. This program involves the development of the best installation techniques according to the established industry standards. Currently, more than 12,000 installers carry the Installation Masters certificate. It can give you a clear understanding that a person has been trained and has passed the test, which shows his knowledge of the subject area. Do not attempt to search for cheap options (people without enough expertise)  as it might lead to higher costs in the long-run.

Carefully measure the window

The next essential step after you have already selected a qualified installer is measurement of the window. Due to the fact that the majority of window manufacturers produce windows based on the exact specifications of the customer, it is crucial to have your windows measured precisely. It will ensure that the window will fit exactly in the opening. At the same time, it will ensure protection from outside elements and long-lasting seal. Normally, your contractor will schedule an appointment to visit your house and take these measurements.

Get rid of the old window

After all the measurements have been taken and a new window has been ordered and received, it is time for the removal of the old window. Generally, this process is performed by your contractor. You need to make sure that during the removal process they do not cut too far into the original weather barrier or house wrap. It normally consists of sheets of specifically coated material that is aimed to keep water out of the walls. It is highly important because you want to make sure that a new window is integrated into the old weather barrier. Another thing to be remembered is the importance of removing all traces of the sealants that used to hold the old window in place. It should be done for the purpose of new sealants adhering properly to the opening.

Weatherproof the opening

This is considered to be the most important step in the whole window glass installation process and which is most frequently done incorrectly. It can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Studies show that approximately 60% of installers do not even understand the proper installation technique for this procedure, which is called flashing. This process involves putting the flashing around a window from the bottom up. In this way, when the water hits, it runs off the lower portion of your flashing.

Install the window

When the window has been already installed, the contractor should use a level in order to make sure that the window is perfectly aligned with the opening. The next step would be securing it to the opening with the use of nails or screws. The last step involves making sure that the window keeps air out. This is typically accomplished with the use of sealants, as they are the most popular option for this type of job.

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