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Farm machinery sheds are important and agricultural machines are expensive purchases. The time when a farmer drove across the fields with an old tractor is long gone. Farmers who run their farms as their primary occupations need high-quality and reliable technology.

Technical aids such as agricultural machinery is now an integral part of agriculture. Thanks to tractors and the like, fieldwork is significantly less strenuous and time-consuming than it was a few decades ago. They pull heavy equipment and loads to and from and across the fields. They, thus, enable the cultivation of what is now mostly large acreage and the maintenance of large herds. However, a problem always arises when an important agricultural machine fails due to a defect. This could have been saved by competent farm machinery shed, but it is also particularly important that you maintain them regularly.

Why Are Maintenance And Care So Essential?

Farmers are always busy. There, supposedly fewer essential tasks tend to stay a little longer. However, this should not be the case with the care and maintenance of your agricultural machinery because this is vital and can have devastating consequences if disregarded.

Investing time or money in the wrong place and not caring about the welfare of mechanical and electrical workhorses can quickly backfire. If a heavy machine breaks down, it will soon become costly and difficult – especially during the season and in particularly busy phases.

In case of an absence of farm machinery sheds, if a machine stops due to a defect or normal wear and tear, the damage can quickly amount to thousands. This is not only about the cost of the repair, but also about downtime. Because either it is not possible to work during this time, which can have catastrophic consequences, especially at harvest time, or a replacement device must be procured. This is usually done by rent, which has additional costs.

So, what should you do?

Lubricate Well And Drive

Lubrication is one of the necessary cares and maintenance work for the machinery in farm machinery sheds. The supply of sufficient grease indeed prevents wear of the essential parts of the agricultural machinery. The components that should be lubricated regularly include all the bearings and axles as well as the composite parts, chains, and joints.

Lubricating by hand is too much time-consuming in an agricultural operation and costs valuable time in maintenance and care. To be able to adequately supply important points on machines and equipment with the necessary lubricants, the use of a grease gun is therefore recommended. These grease guns are available in different versions, for example, hand lever grease guns, compressed air or battery grease guns. Lubrication, by the way, displaces the dirt. If agricultural machinery is washed with high-pressure cleaners, subsequent lubrication also pushes the residual water out of the bearings.


The maintenance of expensive machines and systems is a matter, of course, all year round. This includes cleaning the machines after major uses and checking wear parts. Proper care is also an essential part of the maintenance of agricultural machinery. There may be different maintenance intervals for various parts and units. You should absolutely follow it. Experienced farmers also know precisely when it’s time for additional maintenance.

The oil level should be checked regularly, for example. If necessary, not only the oil but also the filter should be replaced. To keep an overview when changing the filter, you should write the date on the newly inserted part. Then you have a good overview of how many hours the filter has already run.

The farm machinery shed must also be checked regularly for its condition.


If a critical machine fails or the farm machinery sheds come down due to a defect, the damage is usually immense – not only in terms of costs but also the loss of work. Hence, the maintenance must be regular, so should be the condition of the farm machinery sheds.

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