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How to Choose the Right Cafe Table?

Setting up a new bar or café or a restaurant can be a hectic task and it takes a long time. When your customer walks in your café or restaurant the first thing they look at is the décor. Furniture plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of your place. Today, you can buy some café tables from online and they are available in different size, layout, material, style, and colors.  But before choosing a café table, you need to check the quality of the table and always choose some customized table for your small café. Earlier people used to install some heavyweight wooden tables in their café, but now you can choose some metal or glass-top tables for your café. They are easy to maintain, and they can last longer than wooden tables.

#5 tips to choose the best cafe tables:

Budget- This is one of the most important factors in selecting a café table. You need to decide your budget and then search the café tables according to your budget only. You can search them online and compare their prices to choose some affordable tables. Give other factors into consideration equally as quality and durability.

Shape- You should think about the best shape for your space. This should also be determined on the basis of establishment you are opening. For e.g., if you are opening a bar you can get rounder café tables as its better for crowded places or if you are opening a café then you can get bigger rectangular tables for a better aesthetic.

Cafe Tables

Size- Size and shape go hand in hand while selecting a café table. You must select a size that compliments your space well. If your establishment is a bar, then select a size which accommodates more people or if it’s a café serving coffee and cake smaller tables or if it’s a fine dining restaurant then requires more space for large plates. So, in this case, you can contact the manufacturing companies and customize your tables according to your needs. Even they can also measure your area and design some personalized café tables for your business.

Cafe Tables

Style- Commercial tabletops and bases can be selected from a variety of materials, finishes, colors, and patterns. Types of table tops available are laminate or timber or glass or marble etc. It is best to go with laminate tabletops as it is cost effective and durable. Timber tabletops can give a rustic look, but it will require an extra coating of lacquer to prevent stains. A glass or marble top is expensive and hard to maintain.

Cafe Tables

Table Spacing- From a restaurateur’s perspective, every square inch of your floor space is a profit center. You must use café tables which optimize your space and maximizes your seating capacity. However, a recent study has shown that the space between tables is directly related to customer satisfaction. If people feel that the place is too crowded or uncomfortable you will end up losing customers and it is suggested to place your tables in a safe distance. If you have a small space, then you can install some high-tables for accommodating more customers.

Cafe Tables

A few other tips for buying café tables would be done not buy residential furniture in place of commercial grade café tables. It might be inexpensive but in the long haul will not sustain the commercial environment and will end up costing you more. Choosing a good café table can be a starting point for your successful venture, and now you can easily buy them online.

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Written by Kate Westall

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