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Designing Arts and Entertainment Booklets? 7 Secrets No one will tell you!

Designing arts and entertainment booklets is challenging, especially if you have no one to guide you and you are totally a layman in this area. But no, that does not mean you need to hire a designer for this and increase your budget. Just a little bit of research and effort would do. And yes, to make your journey easier, kindly give this blog a thorough read!

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the design should be compelling and eye-catching. It should make an onlooker not just take a look once, but twice and that too, with a lot of curiosity. It should also have a theme and should be able to make your message come across but in an innovative way. Now in the arts and entertainment industry, these booklets are used for various purposes and reasons such as for music notes, promotional ones before a particular event, CD and DVD inserts, festival booklets and arts fair booklets. Such Booklets are also used in other areas such as museums, concert halls, etc. Now you have to understand that the bar is set high when it comes to this industry. Because it’s the world of the most creative minds. So, here are some secrets decoded, which will be helpful for you. Take a look.

Go with Large Images – Yes, offer your audience a fabulous visual experience with large images. They are impressive and would be able to grab the attention fast! Full page shots can work wonders. Trust me on this. See the fact is that I have been in this industry for a decade now and I have printed various kinds of booklets for my clients. And I KNOW which one is appt for which industry and how effective they are!

Quirk the Typography – No no – bland and boring typography and that too for arts and entertainment booklet printing? Such a blunder! Get a little creative and use various kinds of typography. Play with the fonts and styles, but yes, make sure that there is some kind of cohesive factor that would make it all look nice!

Don’t Cram the Space – Now this one is another major mistake that people end up committing, Trust me, just because you are getting space, that does not mean you have to fill it up! Don’t be that greedy and use a lot of white space so that there is no compromise on the readability quotient. If you do not buy my words, ask your online printing service provider. They will be able to explain it to you as well.

Intriguing Cover – If the cover isn’t compelling, how many times do you open a booklet? None, right? Think from the audience perspective and designing your entertainment booklet would be really easy. Make sure that your audience is compelled to open it just by looking at the cover!

Image, Image and Some More Images –Telling a story via images is a lot more interesting. So, Use image to break up text blocks. It makes it way more interesting and fun!

Concentrate on Your Subject – While playing with the fonts and styles are okay, do not go overboard because otherwise, your subject might get lost. Readers might give focus on other things if you are experimenting way too much and straying away their attention.

Vary the Layouts – Yes, the cohesive factor is important and thus, I am telling you to go for a theme. But don’t get too “Blah!” and incorporate different layouts. Make your booklet a visual treat!

I hope that this blog on designing Arts and Entertainment booklets would help you with your design! If you want to get such more tips, please keep an eye on my blog section.

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