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Is your Instagram account secure? Precautions you should take for your Instagram

Well when the question of security comes, no account in any of the social media network is secure. The security part depends on how you use the account which is on a social media network. But why think about only negative things.  Let us enjoy the positive aspect of the facility.

The introduction of the internet has created a revolution in communications.  Not only for business, but people have also started enjoying conversing over the internet.  The communication normally was oral, but nowadays people are sending images/videos along with written messages.  Remarkable development!  Thanks to the introduction of Instagram which has made the sharing of images/videos apart from messages easy.   The usage of Instagram is mostly found in a social media network. The busiest network today is a social media network.  There are some social media networks which help in increasing the revenue levels of many people doing business.  Instagram is one such social media network which helps its users in sharing the photos or videos to the members of the group.  As the message is sent instantly and the photos and videos sent are clear, the popularity of Instagram has increased.

Like all other Social media networks, to make use of the Instagram services, one has to create an account in that network.  Once you have an account, you can easily share your posting with other members.  Since it is an open platform, anyone may misuse your profile or your account.  So, the precautions mentioned below should be taken care of.

Precautions while dealing with the Instagram account:

  • Keep your profile locked.  Whenever an Instagram account is created, it is mandatory that you provide all details related to you.  Only after all required details are given your account will be validated.  But sometimes, this creates a lot of problems.  Information can be traced even from your profile.  So, it is advised to you to keep your profile locked so that anyone who is following your posting can only follow and your personal details are not visible to them.  Remember to choose of option “private” to your profile when your account is created.  By chance, you have chosen the option “Public,” your details will be visible to all members available in the social media network.
  •  Never give your contact numbers until and unless you are aware of the other member.  Through your contact numbers, your personal details can be hacked and misused.  So be very careful when you are dealing with the other members.
  • Nowadays experts are advising not to post your personal photos as a profile picture.  Because even this sort of act is creating a lot of problems and has resulted in infinite cyber-crimes.
  • Never tag the location of your frequent visits.  Instagram has a facility to tag the location along with the photos taken at the spot.  By doing this frequently, you yourself are giving a hint to miscreants that you keep visiting the place from where the photos are taken. Only once in while tagging of photos is good but limit the activity.  You may question that what is the use of Instagram then? You have every right to question because the options that Instagram provides are so tempting that anyone or everyone using the facility would like to share the photos or images instantly.  Well, that’s good.  But you should be aware that there are miscreants all around you.  Identifying them is difficult.  So be cautious in whatever you do.
  • Link your Instagram account with other social media networks.  Instagram facilitates its users of linking the Instagram account with other social media networks.  This means that you can share your Instagram photos or videos with another member of other social media networks. To do this, you need to set your profile to the option “Public.”  Then your postings, photos, and videos will be visible to other members of other networks. But how far you are safe is a million-dollar question.  So, when you are linking your Instagram account with other social media networks please double check all the details and then proceed.

Just because I discussed precautions of Instagram account, it does not mean other social media networks are safe.  The same precautions have to be taken care off on other social media networks also.

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New technologies and applications are innovated to provide relaxation to the common public.  But this is possible and successful only when the things are used in a right way prescribed by the experts.  Whatever you do or post on social media network, it becomes news.  Especially when related photos or images are posted along with matter, it becomes more interesting.  However, some professionals are expert in increasing the traffic to your postings.  One such expert professional is Gramista who always tries to increase the traffic to the postings related to its clients through its service.

 To get more information about Instagram accounts you can follow the upcoming blogs!

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