White Hat SEO Tactics for Building High-Quality backlinks

Link Building
Link Building

Search Engine Optimization can enhance the visibility of websites in search engines through various methods and tactics. Link building is one such method where you link to other various other websites and get other relevant websites to link back to your site. Search engines like this form of content sharing, they think it as if your website is socializing with the word web community. This method also is essential for you to spread information about your business to others. SEO linking also includes internal linking of your own web page.

In this article, you will learn about some advanced techniques to help you improve your link building for your SEO.

  • On-page link building

On-page link building can include links which are outbound to your own business website. That is because you have to link out to various sites which are in the same niche market. People may feel that you might end up losing visitors after they leave your page but in the end, the search engines give you much more as your rankings will improve meaning that you will get more internet traffic and visitors. For this reason, always link back to your own website.

  • Off-page link building

Off-page link building is also a critical aspect of your SEO link building strategy. The backlinks which point back to your own website is a robust marketing strategy when it is applied at a constant and a steady rate. It is essential for new websites and blogs because it will make them look more natural on search engines when they visit your site. There is no sure shot guide to how many links are needed to be built, but you must choose an optimum number. It has to appear to the search engines as natural link building. You should get some backlinks daily. As your site gets older, you will get increasing backlinks, and when many sites link back to you, your website gains in SEO.

  • Backlinks from different websites

 Ensure that you get more backlinks from varieties of other websites which are related to your niche on the internet. You can use the comment section on social media pages, blog sites to add your links wherever possible. Include sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, for instance, to start from. You have to do this at a slow but constant and regular pace. You must however not spam and add too many links as that will get your rankings to descend. Most of your time should be devoted to writing your articles and developing your contents for your website. It might seem like a long drawn process, but it is excellent to help you grow your website gradually and stand against the currents of time.

  • Comments are must

You must comment on forums which are related to your niche, and this will help to give you valuable links back to your site. You can try commenting anywhere with links which point back to your website. While commenting on links can be advantageous when done in your niche area, but doing it on related forums is more powerful as more people will be exposed to your business that way.

  • Generate and post contents for backlinks

You can write up articles and then publish them in various article directories. It is a popular way of getting backlinks. It will increase the visibility of your website and generate more traffic.

Planning for optimized link building has to be specified and also quantified with specific objectives and goals. You must evaluate your results and then compare with your competitor’s results. Analyze how much time people spend on your website and how many visitors your page gets daily. Google analytics can help you with this. You can visit the professionals to get ultimate white hat guide to SEO your business website and get more traffic and business.


For SEO Link building it is imperative that keywords are adequately utilized both on your site and also off it. Relevant keywords play an important and vital role in getting your website appropriately optimized. You must consider the necessities of these advanced techniques which were discussed in this article to help you understand some of the more delicate aspects of proper link building and getting more profit. Link building is a tricky thing because you cannot put your links on every website, you have to select your forums and your sites wisely, analyze the results, and then build your next strategies on them. It is a process which requires constant moderation and constant vigilance.

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