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HIPAA Training for Medical Office Staff


HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a US federal law which came into force in 1996. It mainly aims to protect and reform the healthcare industry by cost reduction, simplification of administrative process and the most important to safeguard the health related information and maintain the privacy of the same.

The first impression of HIPAA compliances would be tons of documents, exhausting verification process and what not. But what if we tell you we got you software that does the entire job for you? You read it right. Compliances group are here to offer software’s associated with HIPAA and different versions of the training to make your life easy!


Any individual or organization that is associated with the healthcare industry and has access to the private information of the individuals has to comply with HIPAA. They have to undergo HIPAA training that is conducted annually.

This includes:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Employer Group Health Plans
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare Clearing Houses
  • Business Associates (anyone who works with any of the 4 above)


Since it is mandatory for all individuals working under healthcare sector to undergo HIPAA training, it is obvious that the medical staff of all organizations to obtain HIPAA certification.

At compliances group, we tend to deliver the best training available for the medical staff that covers the HIPAA security training as well as HIPAA awareness training. This is to satisfy the training requirement so that the medical staff can easily have access to the private information of individuals associated with health.

There are two regulations under HIPAA:

  1. HIPAA PRIVACY- This is to safeguard the protected health information from people, associations and different organizations.
  2. HIPAA SECURITY- This is to keep the private health information in electronic form like a database, software or electronic transmissions. This initiative saves the information from getting robbed from or damaged during natural disasters.


Basically, HIPAA training is divided into 3 sections-

  1. Conducting HIPAA training for all employers associated in the health sectors that have the access to public health information or PHI.
  2. Attestation of formal document from the employers stating that they understand the content of HIPAA training.
  3. Training the compliance officer of the organization who will also conduct regular HIPAA audits.


Compliances group provides the finest HIPAA training that is conducted in the United States of America. We have a group of experts who have undergone exhaustive training under HIPAA and are now the best of the lot to carry out the training in your organization.

Here are some attractive features for your organization if you plan to conduct the training with us:

  1. Group discounts
  2. Nationally recognized certificate
  3. Different language versions of content that is passed on to the employers.
  4. Money back guarantee
  5. Exhaustive audit help to ease out HIPAA audit
  6. Step by step explanation of the procedures

Get in touch with us to know more about HIPAA training and to get a hassle free HIPAA audit!

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