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Social Media : Friendly Ways for Boosting Your Instagram Presence

Instagram is one of the most popular and certainly the fastest growing social media platform today with over 800 million MAU, almost two million advertisers, and 25 million or even more active business profiles. It is not at all difficult to make an Instagram account but it would take a lot of dedication, efforts, patience, and time to grow your account and take it to the top. Here are a few Instagram tips for establishing a robust social media presence for your brand.

Focus on Choosing an Instagram Aesthetic

Choose a precise brand aesthetic for your Instagram account and try sticking to it. This would be instrumental in attracting the suitable audience for your specific brand and culminate in an engaged community.  For instance, a lifestyle account might display bright pictures whereas a fashion account would be sticking to chic and sexy photos. Decide what would work best for you and ensure that the feed looks attractive and fascinating to everybody. Seek professional assistance from reputed sites such as

Concentrate on Consistency

Instagram accounts could be successful only if they are consistent. You must restrict yourself to just a couple of filters and consider applying them to each and every picture. When you use a limited range pertaining to filters, you would end up creating a niche eventually for your Instagram account and end up building a robust brand presence and recognition.

Use Interactive Captions

Make sure that you are intentionally and actively involving your audience in your captions and pictures. Your audience naturally wishes to be an integral portion of your unique story. You may interact with your audience by using smart captions and respond promptly to every comment on all your posts.

Be Choosy When It Comes to Content

You simply cannot go on posting just about anything on Instagram without giving much thought to it. You need to have a fascinating, consistent, visual approach to achieving optimal success. If you are having a fantastic picture that you wish to share but unfortunately, it does not complement your brand values, then it is best for you to start a fresh new Instagram personal account that is meant purely for your friends and family and not your existing clients or potential customers. Alternatively, you could post that amazing image on some other social media platform.

Incorporate Interesting Videos & Boomerangs

Images are simply amazing but videos could be more engaging and may help in boosting your engagement rate. Boomerang is something unique to this interactive social media platform and is a wonderful way of generating more engagement. You must use boomerangs in your content rotation on a regular basis. Your videos must have correct hashtags. Remember hashtags play a pivotal role in dramatically increasing your video’s overall reach.


Instagram is the best social media platform for displaying your brand and business. No other platform could highlight your products and bring them to limelight like Instagram. You may not become an Instagram star or sensation as if by magic, overnight. Miracles don’t happen; you have to make them happen. With consistent dedication, patience, and hard work, you are on the right road to building your solid influence and brand presence on this platform and the social media circuit in general.

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