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Wisdom Teeth: Understand the Concerns

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Wisdom teeth are the last grown teeth that make their presence just when we enter adulthood; i.e. between 17 and 25 years – so-called the right age of wisdom. They emerge in the far reaches of our mouth. For some lucky people, they come in smoothly and properly with a little and bearable pain. But, to some unfortunate people, they don’t emerge properly and can expose ill oral health. In such situation, these teeth are recommended to be removed to protect and keep your mouth healthy.

What is the so-called negative impact of these third molars on our oral health?

As you now know your wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that emerge at the far end of your mouth. These teeth, if don’t emerge properly and gets impacted can create weak and unwholesome oral health and are mostly recommended by dentists to be removed. Consequently, Wisdom Teeth Removal in Orange County is considered to be the most common dental practice. What caused problems with these molar teeth? Why are they usually suggested to be removed?

Use of these Third Molars: Then and Now

Wisdom teeth don’t serve any practical function. However, this was not the case earlier. An Anthropological survey of ancient and modern human jaws says that on average ancient human jaws were larger than what we have today. Wisdom teeth today are nothing more than a vestigial part of our body; alike appendix or tonsils! No longer are they necessary, today. However, they did have a role in ancient human bodies. So, why don’t we need these third molars and ancient humans did? There are a couple of Hypotheses to this; out of which the most common one is the rough diet ancient human used to have. The wisdom teeth provided them an additional surface to grind the food so that it could be easily swallowed and digested. Today, we all are used to eat refined food, which has made these last set of molars an extra vestigial part of our body rather than essential. Secondly, Wisdom Teeth used to be a good replacement for those couple of teeth that fall out by the age. Not considering why our human jaws are smaller than our ancestors, the usual issue we face today is that we don’t have that sufficient room required for the wisdom teeth to grow correctly and completely.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth is a usual issue considering the fact that any teeth can be impacted. What are impacted teeth? Well, these are the teeth that don’t grow correctly. Teeth can be impacted in two different ways-

  • Partially – that grows from gums but don’t erupt properly all the way up.
  • Completely – that remains below the gum line.

Wisdom Teeth if impacted are painful and can further cause the risk of oral infection if not treated at the right time. If grown towards existing teeth, these impacted teeth can also lead to the alignment issues pushing others closer together. They can also grow away from the existing teeth staying below the gum line. This means they can grow erected to your other teeth critically pressing into the roots of other open teeth.

Impacted wisdom teeth are risky and can cause serious gum disease if not treated at the right time. So, it is vitally important to visit a dentist for routine examinations and if required get X-rays to monitor the growth of these third molars. If it shows that your teeth can be impacted, it is recommendable to get it removed.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Consider yourself really lucky if your wisdom teeth have not bothered you and have erupted correctly. It is good to keep as many teeth as we can. Unfortunately, this is not possible every time; especially when we are talking about wisdom teeth. Not worth the risk of letting it erupt wrongly bearing severe pain and possible risks. Removing them at the right time, you will be able to recover quickly, and avoid any severe complications.

Make a Wise Choice

If you need to go through the wisdom teeth removal procedure, make a wise choice about whom you should consult. It is highly advisable to contact a profession and well experienced dental specialist for this procedure. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Orange County has served for several years with highly qualified and experienced dentists that have removed hundreds of thousands of wisdom teeth carefully and successfully.

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