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How to Remove Pet Urine from Upholstery

Removing pet urine from upholstery is not one of those tasks you prefer. Your loved cat or puppy can urinate on the sofa or couch, and you cannot term it as anything more than a mishap. Despite the best training you give to your pets, such accidents are inevitable. Therefore, your focus should on ways to clean your upholstery and remove the stains. Overlooking urine stain and smell not only increase the chance of infection, but the task becomes harder. As soon as the material of couch or sofa absorbs the urine. Moisture and high temperature can activate the crystals of uric acid and attract pets and dogs to the same spot. For upholstery cleaning Berwick, you need to follow the right step.

Here are a few suggestions for upholstery cleaning when removing pet urine.

Cleaning fresh stains 

Immediately after the pets urinate on the couch or sofa, you need to start the cleaning process immediately. Ask any upholstery cleaning service to clean pet urine if you need. Using an enzyme cleaner can help in neutralising the urine and perfect for tough urine marks on the upholstery. Apart from this, it can also help in destroying the stains. The composition of this cleaning agent makes it appropriate for removing dog and cat urine easily. Enzymes help in breaking the acid to ammonia gas and carbon dioxide and allow it to evaporate. Using a vinegar solution with water is another trick you need to apply.

You can also blot the stain with cloth or paper towel to extract urine from upholstery as it tends to spread easily. Besides this, you can also use a wet or dry vacuum to prevent it from spreading further. For the best result, you can prepare a solution containing dishwashing soap and cold water and dip a clean cloth or sponge to rub the affected area mildly. After the work of cleaning, you can disinfect the area with a solution containing water and vinegar. While removing the stain, you have to start cleaning from outside the mark to the middle as it does not allow the stain to spread. Repeat the process until no stain is left. Once the stain is gone, you must remove the residue of detergent as well. Finally, you have to blot the area dry.

The mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

If your sofa or couch do not have deep shades, the stain of pet urine becomes easily visible. You can prepare a solution containing three volumes of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and a small amount of clothing detergent. You can spray this solution on your upholstery and wait for 30-40 minutes. As soon as the stain and odour go away, you can wash the affected area with water and blot it dry. The amount of chemical to use depends on the extent of the stain. Be sure to test the area at first as hydrogen peroxide can cause bleaching.

Call the professional

 Even though you work hard to remove pet urine from your upholstery, professional assistance is what you may need when rubbing with the hand is not enough to remove them. Besides this, not knowing the technique of manual cleaning may cause permanent damage to your furniture. For steam cleaning is another method of removing pet urine although you can leave it to experts and get satisfaction eventually.

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