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Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

As a business owner and a facility manager, you are going to get confused and baffled by your vast needs because as your business increases, the responsibility of keeping everything under control also improves significantly. You have to have your workforce and workplace running perfectly healthy and fine; otherwise, you can incur a staggering loss.

Most of the facility managers face difficulties while searching for Commercial cleaning services. Yeah, it is a daunting task because the market is loaded with numerous service providers. While some are genuine, some are either just startups or unskilled companies trying to make some quick bucks out of the overwhelming market demand. How are you going to find the right service provider then? Here is what you need to do:

  1. You must be looking at companies with great track records. Yeah, a robust client-list can serve as a reference point. And obviously, only a professional company that provides the industry standard service can have a better client list.
  1. The service provider should be a qualified or specialized cleaning service provider that means when you want Commercial Buildings Cleaning, make sure that you find a company that has experience in cleaning commercial buildings, not in cleaning up the factory setup.
  1. You must find out the scope of their service, which means, they should be able to clean everything from carpet to floors, upholstery, washrooms, windows or they clean partially.
  1. Examine their workflow and find out whether they provide a customized solution or not; what about the quality check procedures, what about the periodic cleaning services? You have to clarify everything before you sign the contract.
  1. Verify the company’s responsibilities towards the environment; ensure that you get a service provider that follows green-clean protocols.
  1. You must also look at the technology and equipment they use; in addition, verify the cleaning materials they would be using during the cleaning process whether the products would be organic or the chemical-based products.

Apparently, by verifying above-mentioned points, you are likely to find an expert company that can provide a comprehensive solution. But that should not be the end of your investigation; you need to ask a few sure-fire questions that would clear the clouds of doubt. The following are the questions.

The below-mentioned questions will help you to cut through the clutter and the marketing gigs to reach of the heart of the problem and locate the best professional company that you are looking for.

  1. Can they provide their current client reference and the past customer list where they have performed a commercial cleaning service Manhattan?
  1. Are they going to provide the specification pertaining to the service offering as a part of the service agreement, do they have any SLA (Service Level Agreement) standards or KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the service quality?
  1. Can they make understand the price and how they have come up with their pricing and what all factors they have taken into consideration?
  1. Do their employees and cleaning staff go through background verification and drug testing as a part of their recruitment process?
  1. Do they provide dedicated personnel or managers who would look at after complete cleaning procedure at your premises?
  1. Do they have an insurance policy that could cover claims?
  1. Find out the training methodologies and ask them whether they can show the training procedures in a documented format or not?
  1. Do they have dedicated customer service department to handle immediate issues?
  1. Can they come for an interview and inspect your property before you sign the contract?
  1. Do they follow any safety standards; can they show the certifications pertain to the security and safety training?
  1. Do they have the proper equipment to eliminate noise pollution caused by the cleaning process

Apparently, finding the right service provider is not as easy as you might want to be. It is important that you understand your needs and requirements before you search for Office Building Cleaning Services. In fact, you should be involving your team while making the decision.

Before you hire a service provider, ensure that you educate your employees to keep the environment and workstations clean. Make sure that they do not eat at the desk, promote using cafeterias and hangout zones to use neatly.

A great looking workspace not only brings more business and more wealth, but also it keeps you and your employees happy and healthy. A clean workspace will boost emotional intelligence and your business needs people with a healthy body and mind. So, maintain the hygiene.

Lastly, you should never make any hasty decisions because the whole selection process requires proper analysis and verification of certain facts such as your cleaning needs, the service provider’s credibility, the cost factors and much more. So, go slow, keep it simple and critical.

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Written by Amit Sharma

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