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3 Effective Ways to Prevent Cancer

In today’s world, every human cultural community seems to be plagued by the pervasive ravages of cancer. Be it a tumorous condition of the blood, lungs, stomach or lymph nodes, or practically any other part of the body that you can think of, cancers account for some of the highest numbers of mortality cases that we as a species are forced to contend with.

Making Do with Natural Treatment Options

The standard pharmaceutical chemotherapeutic and surgically-invasive treatment regimens normally prescribed to afflicted patients inflict several undesirable (and frankly horrendous) effects on the host’s body, which can spurn many other disease conditions in their offing.

Fortunately, nature (like in many other life instances that prove pressing for the human subject) provides its own set of remedies to fight cancer both in its preventative and acutely-manifesting stages. With a reliable web service like the Spectrum Internet, you can read-up on tons of these aptly-titled ‘tips & tricks’ that can naturally help you in warding off the threat of cancer from affecting your life in the future.

Please note that the strategies detailed here are in no way meant to serve as alternatives for timely medical treatment – and should be used only in the sense of adjuncts to a holistic therapy program.

  • Dose Up on Curcumin

Curcumin is the active medicinal ingredient contained in turmeric, the musky yellow spice that is responsible for imparting mustard (the favorite American condiment that graces the inner linings of hotdogs all over the country) with its endearing acrid flavor. The said compound is also the reason why turmeric presents with its unique tapestry of bold color.

Based on several research studies conducted on the powerful spice, curcumin has been well-documented for its role in forestalling angiogenesis – which is the process by which tumorous (neoplastic) tissues stimulate the growth of new blood vessels for their nutritional needs. By targeting this mechanism, curcumin supplements and turmeric additives help in effectively preventing the further metastasis of the cancer in the host’s body.

By way of a preventative regimen, consider taking up to ½ teaspoon of turmeric daily – by spreading it throughout your regular meals and beverages.

  • Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar directly translates into blood glucose (for all practical purposes) within the consumer’s body. And glucose, which is the digestive end-product of a majority of simple carbohydrates, is the primary modern-day substance that is responsible for driving the intricate processes of animal respiration. The ATP yielded through these natural drives is what provides the energy needed to sustain all cellular life processes.

The same substance, unfortunately, is also used selectively by tumorous tissues to meet their own nutritional growth requirements.

A human body does not necessarily need large boluses of glucose in the blood stream to stay functional. Ketone bodies, which accrue as a result of cutting down on carbohydrate intake for a significant period of time, serve this purpose just as well.

  • Minimize Animal Products Consumption

Animal products are mostly high in proteins, whose excessive consumption has been implicated in increasing IGF-1 levels in the blood – a bodily substance that has been linked in some research studies with an enhanced incidence rate of cancer.

So minimizing their weekly consumption (by cutting back on those steaks and ham burgers), and pursuing a more vegan lifestyle, could help you cut down on your cancer risk.

Through the Spectrum Double Play provision, you can go obtain many other easily applicable tips that can help you ward off the chances of contracting this fatal disease.

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Written by Rosie Harman

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