Leukemia- Signs and Symptoms You Should Aware of

Cancer can affect any part of the body- internal or external. Leukemia is a deadly form of cancer which affects the blood-forming tissues and damages the bone marrow and lymphatic system of the patients. There are different types of leukemia that affect mankind at different ages. There are certain types of leukemia that affect children while adults are affected by other types. Most commonly, leukemia attacks the white blood cells. These blood cells are effective in fighting different types of infections. They grow faster and divide according to the need of your body. But, if someone is suffering from leukemia, the production of white blood cells from the bone marrow increases rapidly and the abnormal growth hampers the function of the body.

Treating leukemia is complicated; still if diagnosed at the early stage, it can be treated. Before knowing leukemia treatment cost in India, you should know the symptoms of the deadly disease-

  • Pale Skin

This is the most vibrant symptom of leukemia. Due to the abnormal growth of white blood cells, they all get damaged and soon cancer spreads throughout the bone marrow. This prevents the growth of healthy cells. Once, the growth of healthy cells is prevented, the patient may suffer from anemia, which, in turn, cause pale skin.

  • Fevers or Infections

Blood cells play an effective role in strengthening your immunity system. Once your blood cells are affected, they lost their capability of preventing fever or any kind of infections. Thus, you become more prone to get infections and fever frequently.

  • Fatigue

This is another vital symptom of leukemia. If you feel drained out all the time and there is noticeable lack of energy in your body, it is high time to consult your doctor. Anemia can also be a reason for tiredness.

  • Breathing Trouble

Not only you will feel lack of energy, but you may suffer from shortness of breath only after little activity. Often you may feel chocked and breathlessness which can be vivid symptoms of leukemia.

  • Bleeding or Bruising

If you are injured and start bleeding, you should notice how quickly it stops. When there is abnormal growth of white blood cells, it becomes inactive to control excessive blood flow. Therefore, if you get cuts or bruises, it will take a longer time to stop the blood flow.

These are certain symptoms of leukemia about which you have to be alarmed. These symptoms can happen due to other diseases too. You should immediately consult a doctor if any of these things happen to you.

Classifications of Leukemia

Based on the progression of the disease and the types of cells, involved in the disease, specialists have classified leukemia into two categories-

  • Acute Leukemia– Here, the abnormal blood cells are known as blasts or immature blood cells. They are not capable of performing usual functions and the disease increases rapidly with the faster growth of these cells.
  • Chronic Leukemia– This type involves mature blood cells and these are of many types. Often, there are no symptoms of this disease and remain unnoticed for several years.

Here you get an overview of leukemia. The killer disease. Scientists haven’t found the real cause of the disease, but research is going on. Once it is invented, people’s lives will be easier than ever.

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