What is Employment Tribunal? And How It Works?

Employment disputes are occasional. Employment tribunals are forums where you can redress your grievances. Almost all matters related to employment are listened to in these tribunals. Issues like discrimination bases on sex, caste, creed, or religion, dismissal without notice, unfair dismissal, and many others are resolved here. Today we will see how an employment tribunal works and how can you file your claim in case you are aggrieved by your employer.

Making a Claim

When you have an issue with an employer, you can take it to the tribunal. This process is called making a claim. But to make a claim, you first have to show your eligibility. That means that you have to meet all the requisite conditions before filing your claim. For example, questions as to the existence of a contract and its contents are some of the things that need to be determined first. It is always better to know your rights before filing a claim. You can consult employment lawyers UK free advice to have some professional advice regarding your claim.

Before filing your claim, it is always preferred that you reconcile. If reconciliation fails or you want to file a claim, it is advisable to consult a legal adviser. Your adviser can help you decide during the preliminary stages whether or not you have a strong claim. Your adviser will also hear what your employer has to say and what evidence he has against you. That is how he weighs your case and evidence.  It is better to look first where you are standing and only then apply for a claim.

What Happens Inside a Tribunal?

If you are wondering what tribunals are like, they are just like normal office rooms. They are usually situated within the office building and are called tribunal rooms. The court consists of three members. These members are collectively called the tribunal panel. Together they act as an employment judge. Both you and your employers are accompanied by their representatives that will argue the case in the tribunal. There are some times when there will be no three-member panel and your case will be heard by a single employment judge.

The atmosphere of the tribunal is somewhat similar to a traditional court. The panel has a raised deck but you don’t see them wearing gowns or wigs. But the rules and procedure are almost the same and proceedings are held mostly as summary trials. Evidence is taken just as it is in a court on oath.

Since the hearing is not in camera (means that they are open to the public), you can go there yourself to see how it all works.

The Bottom Line

Making a claim can be a stressful event. But you don’t need to panic. There is a general sense of nervousness when you are about to file your claim. That is why we have already told you what goes on inside a tribunal to ease your mind. So when you file your claim, be confident, be bold. Most of all, be honest with yourself before filing your claim.

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