How To Embed Instagram Feed On A Website

Instagram has boomed in the field of digital platforms and has come out to be the most prominent social media platform due to its attractive features and responsive nature. Instagram was launched as a trivial communication and entertainment site, but now, it has transformed into a great business and marketing platform. No age bracket is left aloof from its charm, its addictiveness is widely known.

Embed Instagram feed on your website can lay a formidable impression on your visitors as Instagram feed is no less than a gold mine for a website.

Numbers tell, almost 30% of the online consumers buy the product through Instagram feed or any other social media feed.

Thus, embedding Instagram feed on your website can bring a dramatic upshot to it.

Do you know what Instagram feed is?

The generic meaning of Instagram feed can be the media that you see on your Instagram account. The Instagram feed can be in the form of image, video, audio, text, or even their amalgamation.

Instagram feed consist of various characteristics such as hashtags, mentions, and tags, they can be a great weapon for the marketers to come under the limelight. Their consumers can use these tools to post their reviews for the products. These reviews are uploaded willingly by the consumers on their accounts, creating authenticity and trustworthiness of the brand.

But, how will you embed Instagram feed on your website?

You can embed Instagram feed on a website using the social media aggregator tools. Below is the list of some amazing aggregator tools that can do wonders for your website.

How to embed Instagram feed on your website

You can embed these Instagram feed on your website using the aggregation tools; known as aggregators. Aggregators can collect the Instagram feed from users’ Instagram accounts through hashtags, handles, mentions, and tags, and curate them to showcase genuine content on your website.

#1 Tagembed

It is amongst the best social media aggregator tools to embed Instagram feed on your website, painlessly. It is free, open-source, and provides you with various features to make your website glamorous and engrossing for your visitors. Its main features involve the collection, curation, and presentation of the relatable contents including embedding Instagram feed on your website to make it undoubtedly enticing and interactive, thereby increasing the dwell time.


  • Allows you to build creative content using innumerable themes, display layout options, etc.
  • It comes with the feature of advanced content filtering to let only the useful content reach the readers.
  • Provides fast and responsive widgets albeit embedding several Instagram feed.
  • Numerous plans are available for the customers depending on their budget.
  • It helps in the creation of custom CSS.

#2 Instagram Embedding

We have already talked about the evolution of Instagram, it has grown splendidly in all facets. Instagram has launched its very own feature to embed Instagram feed on a website very efficiently.

It is desktop friendly and cannot be accessed using mobile phones.

With this, you can embed a single Instagram feed on a website using this aggregator tool.


  • It is easy to use even by non-technical users.
  • It gives access to a broad spectrum of contents.
  • Since it is the original product of Instagram, it has no security concerns and is fast and responsive.
  • Instagram embedding has got the outstanding feature to highlight the posts.

#3 Flocker

Flocker can be understood as the aggregator tool that helps you to accumulate various feeds from all over the internet and display them on your website, to make your website look more alluring to your visitors. Marketers can leverage this technique and embed numerous Instagram feed to make their website intriguing and escalate visitors’ engagement.


  • It helps to filter out the irrelevant content for the display of quality content.
  • Allows various customizations in design, layouts, etc.
  • Data analytics can be used for the feeds.

#5 Smash Balloon

Here, the users can create the feed according to their usability and the need for their website, with full liberty. It is a kind of plugin for WordPress that provides your website with some extra features to bring it into the focus of your visitors and followers. It makes embedding Instagram feed to a website trouble-free and fascinating. Though it does not promise User-Generated content, it has got a lot of advantages that a consumer can make use of.


  • It is easy to use for any amateur user.
  • Provides constant updates to serve the expert users.
  • Feeds can be optimized and customized, making the website more responsive.
  • It allows its users to create several Instagram feed without any boundation and complication.


Today, Instagram consists of the maximum number of users, this has brought astounding transformation to this platform making it amiable to the marketers and business-based companies.

Embedding Instagram gallery feed to a website provides brands with amazing customer response by attracting a huge number of visitors to their website. These Instagram feed give visitors a better idea of your product and business and influence them to turn into your new customers.

Therefore, leveraging this benefit can prove to be a genius act by the marketers.

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