What Latest Catering Trends to Choose for a Corporate Event

With consumer becoming more eco-conscious and aware of what they are eating, transparency has been the key to best food services. Keeping this in mind, many caterers have imbibed the latest food trends to offer you the best service.

If you are looking for food inspiration for your next corporate event, here are some of the biggest catering trends that you may include in your menu.

1. Healthy and Sustainable Options

Forward-thinking or the best catering Melbourne is all about organic, veg-centric, sustainable meats, and plant-based proteins in meals. You can look for a catering service that gravitates more towards healthy, wholesome meals. You can choose healthy items like food slaws, poke bowls, fermented food, plant-based soups, and edible flowers for the menu of your corporate event. Healthy catering is not just about taste, it also looks amazing at the same time. Your clients will be happy to have refreshing and healthy dishes after the meeting or at a corporate party.

2. Experiential Catering

For office catering Melbourne, even experiential catering is become popular, as clients can enjoy their food, along with an amazing experience of interactive catering. Imagine fun pasta station or pizza station, where guests can watch chefs creating wonderful recipes in front of their eyes. Guests can even choose their favourite ingredients to prepare custom dishes the right way. This fun catering trend allows the clients to get involved in the cooking process. Moreover, it is something new and refreshing for guests from routine parties or events that they usually attend.

3. Neo-Nordic cuisine

Nordic food is another fun catering trend that has been followed by many restaurants and caterers these days. A menu of Neo-Nordic cuisine contains delicious flavours like a fresh vegetable with crispy halibut skin, fermented rye bread, poached egg cabbage Blanquette, modish cured meats, and waffles with chanterelles. It is an impressive yet healthy menu for sure.

4. Native ingredients

Recipes made from fresh local and native ingredients like herbs, plants, and spices are definitely in the catering trend. People love to have their meals prepared from fresh and healthy ingredients and that exactly what caterers are focusing on. There are many interesting native ingredients like tatami apples and bush tomatoes, mountain peppers, lemon myrtle, quandongs, wattle seed, and macadamia nuts. When combined with quintessential Aussie meats, such as crocodile, kangaroo, emu, prawns, yabbies and swordfish, these ingredients provide extravagant flavours that make every dish unique.

5. Grazing platters

Another interesting Melbourne corporate catering trend is gourmet food platter. These grazing food platters include amazing flavours of cured meats, cheese, olives, crackers, fruits, berries, and aromatic grilled veggies and meats.

Even Asian flavours have been a hit in the latest corporate catering trend in Melbourne. Some of these tasty flavours are included in these platters to make sushi. A sushi grazing board platter comes loaded with vegetable sushi, meat, and seafood.

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Wondering why platters? Just because these are visually-appealing, foster conversations, and are absolutely delicious and filling. That’s why office catering Melbourne is getting more orders of grazing platters.

6. Poke bowls

These interesting poke bowls are a mix of colourful ingredients and fresh flavours in a single bowl. The Hawaiian-style poke bowls, or “Poh-Keh” in Hawaii, are not just colour blasting but healthy as well.

A single poke bowl with just basic ingredients like rice and raw fish contains a perfect balance of good fats like Omega 3. For those who are not aware, Omega 3 is essential for boosting your memory and cognitive skills.

Moreover, these delicious poke bowls are gluten-free; hence, they are perfect for your clients and colleagues with any special dietary requirements. Even without any specific dietary need, these fresh bowls are good for everyone, anyway. That’s the reason these are quite popular in officer catering and other events organized by health-conscious people.

7. Sweets with a little twist

No meal is complete without something sweet at the end. If you believe so, you need to have some interesting sweets on the menu but not the traditional way. Now sweets are available with a little twist! Melburnians like to go beyond traditional cakes or desserts. So, a whole new range has been presented by caterers for an outstanding office event.

Some of the popular sweet treats that you may include in the menu are cupcake bouquets, butterfly cakes, and Brazilian handmade chocolates. All these sweets are scrumptious and amazing to look at.

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