How to find a trustworthy Online Art Gallery Website?

The bothering thing with the internet is the colossal set of information that is floating on the web. As a customer, as a vendor, and as a business professional it becomes really arduous to extract genuine data from the lousy one. And if you are an art enthusiast who is looking to single out a credible art website online, the task becomes much convoluted.

With increasing income standards and rising competition in the art sector, the overall price of the paintings has curtailed tremendously. Transactions on the web are more secure and the logistic prices are much lesser than what the traditional art galleries impose. In addition to this, online art galleries have a wide assortment of paintings ranging from the expensive pieces right to the paintings that lie in the bracket of $100 – $500.

online art gallery website

However, the easy accessibility doesn’t mean that everything is sorted for the buyers. Try this; type, ‘Online art gallery’ on Google and see for yourself. Thousands of websites’ links will appear and if you are a newbie in the world of the web, how would you choose which online dealer is the best for your art search?

Don’t worry as I have specially scribbled this blog to help the art zealots and collectors that are seeking a trustworthy online gallery to quench their art thirst. Here are some tips to throw more light on the subject:

Know everything

Before you finalize the online art gallery website you would select your favourite artwork from, know one thing; it is just not the commodity you are purchasing. Buying artwork is an experience, a passion, a habit of the people who understand the expression of colours, designs, and impressions that paintings reflect. No money or thing can match the satisfaction of getting an exquisite artwork.

So, you have to be extra careful when you select which online website you are going to select artwork from. There are many bogus websites available that promises quality but in the end, deliver you an imitated or poorly copied piece. Check out Quora and you will find how many people had a terrible experience with their art galleries on the web. The grievances are in humungous numbers.

If you do not want to join the victim’s group, be attentive. The first step is to research and research. Good things come to those who wait. This is true for an art lover who seeks unparalleled paintings on the web. You require utmost patience while researching the internet.

Find out the credibility of an online art gallery by checking out the reviews on the web. If the online art gallery website has done phony deals, for sure the internet has the records. Seek the reviews of this website on Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. The good and the bad word-of-mouth will be for sure available on such websites. It will tell you whether you need to go ahead with the vendor or not.

Ask for the quality certificate

One of the biggest drawbacks with respect to making a purchase online as compared to offline is that you won’t be able to see the painting in front of you before it gets delivered. Hence, what most of the buyers like you are concerned with is how we can trust the vendor. The premium and the illustrious online art galleries have the habit of providing a certificate of quality assurance depicting that the artwork you have purchased is 100% genuine and not a copy. Even the traditional art galleries have the provision of doing so. Along with this, some of the websites also provide you with a signed copy of a letter from the artist to ensure that the painting you are purchasing is original. This is one and the most authentic ways to check whether your online art gallery website is genuine or not. If your vendor is not ready to provide you with a quality-certificate, it is a straightforward red flag. Don’t purchase with such a website.

Website itself is a reflection of authentication

A lot of people don’t realize but the website of an online art gallery is itself in many ways speaks a lot to the buyers. If the vendor is genuine, the website will be regularly updated and the artworks there will be high in number and quality. Along with this, authentic websites also have the artists’ profile with detailed information and their accomplishments.

Also, prominent art dealers on the web have chat support or an email response team ready for your assistance. In case you have any doubt, you can reach out to the enquiry team and get a response typically in 2-4 days. Look for the terms and conditions page as it signifies that the online art gallery website is concerned about the transparency aspect too. All these aspects give a crystal clear indication that the vendor you are going to purchase the artwork is genuine and good to go with.

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