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Never Hang Your Paintings at These Places

Art collectors dream of owning an unparalleled collection of art. The type of collection that quenches the thirst of their soul, connects with them on an emotional level or the one that appeases the eyes of every onlooker. Surely, as time passes by they learn the art of deciding the themes and buying the kind of artworks that perfectly align with their theme. However, the biggest roadblock is maintaining the same luster and freshness even after years of you owning that painting. Art collectors either hang the paintings they get in their space or keep them in a separate space securely. No matter what they choose to do with the paintings, there are certain places which they should never hang or keep their paintings in.

So, take a look to know what these places are and save your investment from getting wasted.

 Walls with direct sunlight

When paintings are exposed to extreme temperatures, they lose their luster. In case they are exposed to sunlight, especially the one that directly falls onto the painting leads to cracks in the painting. After walls, UV rays are not just harmful to skin but for the paintings as well. Such placing beside cracks can also lead to the fading of the color. Not just this even if you have bought a print of a painting, it can damage the coating or the varnish. The same will eradicate in a day or two which will further cause damage to the painting. The same happens when you expose paintings under artificial light i.e. LED bulbs and similar directly. Use tinted glasses and keep the windows closed if you have already placed a mural on the wall.

Walls Facing Air Conditioners

Another place is the wall facing air conditioner or your storage place if it has an air conditioner. The increased moisture in the atmosphere of the room is the threat. The fact the cool air that comes out of the AC increases the number of molecules present in the room. Hence, whenever the molecules will hit the painting they will leave water rather moisture onto the canvas which is enough to deteriorate your art investment. Nevertheless, many companies offer ACs that have humidity control, buy the same. Another possible solution could be getting the painting framed properly with a glass so that not even a drop of moisture enters inside the painting.

Above the entrance door- 

Many people believe the best way to welcome the almighty is to hang religious paintings over or above the entrance door of the house or by hanging some artefact. However, doing so would only contribute to the most frequent deterioration of the painting or artefact. The painting or artefact hanged damages quickly as it is exposed to all sorts of changing weather conditions and dust.

Share this blog with notable art collectors and enthusiasts who have a painting in his house, this might just help them. Also, let us know other places if we have left on any.

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Written by Neha Gupta

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