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Pot cultivation – All genetic strains may not be suitable for you

People who choose their marijuana genetic strains randomly often end up facing problems during the cultivation process. They also do not get the expected yield. In order to get the best results you need to understand what types of genetic seeds will work for you.

Several factors need to be taken into account when it comes to marijuana plants cultivation. Like every other plant, pot plants also have their own characteristic traits. What grows well in one area may not do well in the other region. You cannot therefore blindly go any genetic strain thinking that they would do well.

Before picking your genetic strains check whether they do well in your geographic territory. For example if you are thinking of picking critical strains, check whether this strain does well in hot climates, cold climates, hilly region or plains. Without checking their characteristics, you may not be in a position to decide which genetic strain to choose. You might choose a strain without focusing on these factors but when it comes to yield, they will do poorly. You do not want to waste your time and money by making wrong choices.

Today you could easily access any genetic strain of your choice in just few easy clicks. It does not matter whether you want diesel strains or critical strains, it is just a matter of just few clicks. You will therefore be in a position to decide which genetic strain should be used. You need to understand, the seedbanks will not be able to tell you which genetic strain should be used for your cultivation need. They will give you access to the largest selection of genetic strains, it is your responsibility to screen and source information about variety of strains before you narrowed down on one or the other genetic strain.

In case you are cultivating marijuana at high altitudes, you will need to specifically look for high altitude strains. Not all strains are capable of growing in high altitudes. You will therefore need to remember to pay attention to such factors. Similarly, if you are thinking of cultivating marijuana indoors, you should first check for indoor seeds and some strains do better than the others indoor low lighting conditions even if the seeds that you buy are indoor seeds. Just because it says indoor seeds do not blindly go with the label because the level of lighting required varies from one indoor variety to the other. Many things come through experience but most of which could be learnt by making adequate research. Try to get the best online sources for ordering your seeds.

While ordering you should check whether the seeds are from fresh stocks. If the seeds are older than 180 days then there could be issues with the germination rate. You should also check whether the online store you are using to order your seeds delivers the seeds in a timely fashion. Taking into account all these basic factors will help you get the best quality seeds.

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