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Australian experts advice’s on Dumbbell Squats

Hello friends! I propose in this article to raise the topic of squats with dumbbells. Squats is a wonderful exercise – at first you think that squats are simple, then you start to hate squats, and after a while, having gone through sweat and pain, you begin to love squats. And they really have something to love. This is one of the best exercises in general, and perhaps the best exercise for the lower body. Squats involve all the muscles of the legs: quadriceps, thigh biceps, calf, and buttocks work more than well. During squats without weight, the upper body is practically not involved, but if you take dumbbells, a barbell or weights, then the situation immediately changes. Weight starts to crush, and you have to strain the muscles of the top of the body in the same way, so as not to hunch, not to tear your back.

You need to understand that without good nutrition source  Australia, muscles will not grow. Nutrition – 70% of success, and training and rest occupy the rest. Eat plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, and in general, you should get the required amount of calories.

Dumbbell Squats

From the list of articles you can understand that there is far from one type of squats. Squats with dumbbells in hand can also be called a separate direction of squats. Immediately, let’s divide the squats with dumbbells in hand into points.

  • According to the style of the legs
  • Wide legged
  • With shoulder width apart
  • According to the option of holding dumbbells
  • Dumbbells in hands down
  • Dumbbells in the hands raised up

And now let’s take a little look at each of these options.

Wide legged

The wide setting of the legs allows you to more evenly distribute the load on the muscles that work during squats. At the same time, we get a load on the gluteal muscles more than during squats with the usual setting of the legs. These squats are more suitable for women, and I think you already understand why. Yes, precisely for the reason that they act very well on the gluteal muscles. Putting your legs wide, do not forget that the feet should look in the same direction as the knees. This type of squats can be performed by placing each foot on the platform, if the dumbbells will fall in front between the legs. This will lower the dumbbells and load the muscles more.

With shoulder width apart

This type of squats will mainly help to emphasize the load on the quadriceps. Naturally, it will not work to keep the dumbbells between the legs, – the dumbbells will move around. This is the most suitable squat style for beginners, and generally for all who want to mainly emphasize the load on the legs, and not on the gluteus muscles.

Dumbbell arms down

Regardless of how you hold the dumbbells, you need to remember that the back should always be flat, tense. If you squat with your legs wide apart, then dumbbells will be most convenient to keep between your legs. You can also work with just one dumbbell, holding it on one side.

Dumbbells in the hands raised up

Dumbbells in the arms raised above are more difficult to hold. This refers to dumbbells not raised above the head, but dumbbells on the chest. All you need to do is lift your forearms up and push the dumbbells to your chest. This option will be more convenient for someone.

A bit about dumbbell squats

And finally, I want to say about several important points in squats.

  • Squatting, you need to focus on the heels, not on the socks
  • You can’t look down and throw your head back strongly
  • You can’t hunch
  • Bulging chest
  • Keep your back as vertical as possible.
  • It is forbidden to bring your knees together

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Written by Kamalishiv

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