Can Women Be Successful Mothers and Professionals?

What is your impression of Victoria Beckham? Is it that she is a famous female singer, a fashion model or a founder of her company? However, she is also the successful mother of four children. She is an example of that women can be successful both in raising children and in their professions. Traditionally, women’s roles in the society were limited as they only had to raise families. Furthermore, they were unable to have careers, and even in some societies, they never had a chance to go to school. However, modern times have changed all of those traditions. Now, women can go to school, participate in sports, and have professional careers without being undermined. People always considered men as main providers for their families while the women were seen staying at home and looking after their children. However, that situation has changed as women can work even doing jobs earlier known to be male. Moreover, they still take care of their families. Therefore, the ability of a person to perform in a specific sphere of life should not be reliant on their gender but the quality of performance. Consequently, women can be successful mothers and professionals analysis paper example

To become successful mothers and professionals, personal ability is the most important effect for women. They have to balance between work and family in order to succeed in performing these two roles. Such life management is not easy for many women but the personal ability of an individual prioritizes and brings this necessary balance. Women, eager to succeed in a certain field, should know what their gain entails. Furthermore, they should apply their know about a particular field contributing more to it. According to Carone, women should do their best applying all their time and energy. It refers even to maintaining their families. Becoming a working parent who showcases the best ability to perform their jobs can allow the companies they work for to provide them with the flexibility that they require to care for their families. Valeris suggests that Maria Seidman attributes success as a mother and professional: the will and perseverance to do what should be done in that field. Consequently, the personal ability is the major factor dictating whether a woman becomes a successful mother and professional.

Additionally, another reason ensuring that a woman becomes successful as a mother and as a professional is the kind of jobs women have. Nowadays, women often choose intellectually complicated tasks that are considered to be male ones. Thus, women become equal with men regarding the type of work they do. For example, a lot of females dedicate themselves to the spheres like management, engineering etc. Some of them do not allow women to be flexible that they require juggling between work and school. Therefore, it is important for a woman to choose the right job. Furthermore, they need to be honest with themselves understanding that not all jobs can guarantee the needed flexibility to keep the balance between work and family. Being a mother means that she should be available if children, for example, have an issue at school. However, some jobs require a full-time commitment, so it is hardly possible for to achieve the balance. Similarly, a right schedule needs to be developed to ensure that a woman can perform well at work and family. Sherry Colbourne who is an expert in the Canadian High Tech sector says that being a professional and a mother requires the certain discipline in the relationship that they have with time. A natural rhythm should be found to create the desired balance. Therefore, being a successful professional and mother means having to choose the right job and create a flexible schedule.

Conversely, people think women cannot pay their whole attention to work when they have a family or children who need some care. Therefore, according to this thought, women cannot be successful mothers and professionals. According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, women manage to do 75% of the childcare and housework, and consequently, it becomes harder for them to meet the demands of modern jobs. It proves the previously supported notion about women’s inability to succeed in motherhood and building a career. However, due to a personal ability, the right job, and wise scheduling their time, women can become successful mothers and professionals. Therefore, gender is not the determinant of professional success.

In conclusion, nowadays, women may reject the previously common notion that they cannot become both successful mothers and professionals. Many women have debunked this myth becoming successful mothers and experts in their fields due to the principles they have chosen to guide them. To gain professional success and be a caring mother are usually driven by the natural abilities of females. They have to find the balance between their work and their families. Furthermore, keeping this balance to be successful is determined by the kind of sphere women decide to engage. Some fields require a full-time commitment, hence, do not provide the required flexibility. The opposite ideas suggest that housework and family make women unable to succeed in contemporary demanding jobs. Therefore, women can become successful professionals in particular sphere of life and loving mothers due to a high level of a personal ability and the right job.

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