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Thai spa all over, body massages advertising, lovely body massage parlor in the street because body massage at home is such a hassle, no one will message you with care. So the whole month or week of fatigue and foot pain, the pain is the massage parlor. Where the body is normal, the pocket becomes ill. Then what is the way? How to massage the body without protecting the pocket? No worries! Boldsky will provide the correct solution to this question. This article will explain how you can massage your own body. But the biggest thing is, body massage does not mean massage cream or oil. The proper massage method is to use the right amount of cream or oil in every part of the body.

Important of massages:

Increase the brightness of the skin:

We make a lot of things to brighten the face. The face is bright but it would feel good if the hand is black? Do body massage. Because body massage gradually increases the brightness of the skin and helps to remove dead skin, it also helps to maintain the skin’s youth.

The heart holds good:

Regular body massage also helps keep the heart good. Regular body massage removes harmful toxins from the body and lowers cholesterol. That helps keep the heart good.

Keep your mind good:

Are you too emotional? Then do a body massage. Body massage is very good for reducing stress. In the midst of very emotional stress, body massage gives a comfortable feeling. Makes the mind flush. So keep a good body massage.

Increases immunity:

Body massage enhances the body’s immunity. Body massage increases blood circulation, removes harmful toxins. As a result, the body is free from disease.

Then you see how many times the body massage. Then go to a massage today to keep yourself beautiful and good.

Body massage tips at home:

Method 1:

 If the foot massage is done properly, then the most important part of our lower part is the knee. For knee pain or not, regular massage is very important. This is because it is the major part of the blood vessels in the lower body. To massage the knee, you need to massage it in a cyclic manner. Remember, the skin on the knees is very soft. So it should never be massaged too loudly.

Method 2:

 From the knee to the thigh should come forward. This part of the body needs the most oil or cream. But remember, the oil is a little hot. In order to massage the lower part of the thigh in a circular manner, you need to raise upwards. Remember, we have the most touching organs next to the upper thighs. It should not hurt in any way.

Method 3:

 Now massage the stomach. All the fat accumulates first and foremost. Use as much oil as you can to massage your stomach. Because the user of less oil, the chances of stomach upset easily. Massage in the stomach should be done in a cyclic manner. Pour the oil slowly from the middle of the breast and then massage the stomach well. Massage should be done in the stomach for a short time so that the whole stomach can be well applied.

Method 4:

The last thing you need to do is massage the shoulders. Here you have to massage slowly over time. You have to rub the shoulder with the oil in one hand. In this case, massage should be done in a circular manner from the middle of the neck to the shoulders. Then massage in hand. Remember, hand to shoulder and then massage from palm to shoulder. However, you do not have to massage with a very loud and long tension. Only then will the benefits.

Method 5:

Now you have to massage the palm of your hand. You can rub a few drops of oil on the palm of your hand and massage it.

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