Get To Know About Diverse Usages Of Barrisol

There have been several developments in the field of home improvement, and one of them is a false ceiling. Barrisol is a stretched ceiling system whose manufacturing was started in France fifty years back. It has now popularized across the globe. Barrisol is made up of two layers, perimeter track, and lightweight fabric membrane. This lightweight membrane fabric is also used as, wall coverings, floating panel, etc. All types of light fittings, grilles, and fixing points can be installed on it with the help of background support.

Barrisol Membrane Fabric

The thickness of the Barrisol fabric is 0.2mm. It is available in many colors and finishes like matt, satin, glass, mirror, perforated, etc. Printing can also be done on fabric so people can print the pictures of their choice and install it on the ceilings or the walls. Barrisol is a cost-effective material and installation and maintenance is also very easy.

Advantages Of Barrisol Ceiling

There are many advantages of Barrisol ceiling, which are as follows:

Sound Reduction

Office is a place where people move from one place to another for discussing various matters. Movement and communication can cause a lot of noise, which may disturb other people. This disturbance causes problems in concentrating on work. In offices, ceilings are made up of Barrisol acoustic which helps in reducing the sound. Barrisol acoustic ceiling has acoustic technology, which absorbs sound with the help of micro-perforation. The sound energy is then converted to heat or thermal energy. The conversion occurs due to resonance that occurs in the micro-perforation and the back of the ceiling. Absorption of sound is needed in cafés, restaurants, offices, and even residential buildings.

Installation And Maintenance Is Easy

Modularity is another feature which makes this one of the most sought after option for the ceiling. In this case, it can be easily molded into can easily. Multiple panels are used to make Barrisol acoustic ceiling and there are cab be easily styled as per the theme of the place. To install these panels, special clips are used, this adds flexibility to the ceiling, in case the right of the ceiling as to be lengthened, then you can add more panels to these clips. Installation and renovation of the ceiling are costly and time-consuming, but if people use Barrisol acoustic ceiling, it is cost-effective and can be installed and maintained easily. Cleaning these ceilings is also very easy as people just need to wipe it with a wet or dry cloth.

Designs And Colors Availability

These are available in different colors and shades, making it a versatile product. They are available in different colors and styles, so you can choose the one which matches the interiors of your place. A wide variety of color options, designs, and finishes are available, and people can choose the one, which suits their requirements. These colors and designs will make the ceiling look attractive and if it is done to the whole house, it may also increase its resale value.

Installation of Barrisol Acoustic Lighting

People can also opt for acoustic lighting in the ceiling. Such lightings are good for music halls, performance center, and many other places where light and sound association is needed. Such lightings are very effective and attract people towards it.

Removal and re-installation

In case you need to remove the panels or want to change sometime, then these are easy to handle. You can easily remove the panel, reinstall them without any extensive labour. Owners can change the design of their ceilings by replacing the panels after a few months or years.

Wrapping Up

With all these sets of advantages, Barrisols becomes a popular choice when it comes to adding beautiful ceiling arrangement in your house.

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