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Summary – Read this post to learn about a hyper-local app providing you with the latest updates from the remotest corners of the country.

Thanks to the common man’s growing need to stay informed, online news broadcasters are thriving. These broadcasters leverage internet and Smartphones to disseminate news of national and international significance for the consumption of the general public. Of late, there are two important trends gaining traction in the online news landscape – “Breaking News” and “Hyper-Local News” – each cropping up to support the dynamic needs of the discerning audiences.

  • Breaking News:

Preoccupied with personal, professional and social obligations, millennials have a more hectic schedule vis-à-vis their predecessors. There is a widespread urgency among them when it comes to accessing news, as no one has time for lengthy television news bulletins marred by repetitive content and unnecessary details. The online news portals such as ETV News feed this sense of immediacy with Breaking News where the information about an event is delivered as it unfolds. Here, the lengthy details are skipped while only relevant information is delivered, usually as headlines backed by precise summary. This is a perfect recipe for on the go viewing.

  • Hyper-Local News:

In the age of information and technology, local aspirations and ethos are getting more vocal. People want to stay current on happenings at a national and global scale but are equally curious about events unfolding in their city, state, and region. This has forced the mainstream media to go local, but only one portal, ETV Bharat is the only one offering hyper-local news – and you can download its app for easy access to news. It is the only app looking into matters of local scale to cater to the news-hungry regional audiences. The trend is shaping up well with hyper-local broadcasters gaining ground while the scale-media feeling the heat.

  • Why ETV Bharat?

ETV Bharat, a flagship online news venture of ETV Network, has managed to create a niche for itself by merging superfast news delivery and hyper-local approach. Simply put, ETV Breaking News spills the beans on localized issues that may not find mention in the mainstream media. It zooms on what is happening around you and reports the same before other portals get a whiff of it. Local events, from 725 districts, are covered extensively and the challenges that your city, state or region face are highlighted aptly, generally without involving conventional journalistic approach. As stated above, download their app to stay connected to your roots!

ETV Bharat excels in hyper-local journalism due to the following factors:  

  1. A thriving network of bureaus and reporters, along with cutting-edge equipment – the news portal has a sound infrastructure to keep track of local events and fast-track news delivery. In fact, ETV Latest News is your go-to resource to stay in the know of local news across all genres – politics, social, economic, sports, entertainment and more.
  2. Thanks to the sound infrastructure and remarkable outreach, ETV Bharat is probably the only broadcaster to deliver the hyper-local news in 13 regional languages. Whether you live in the Deep South or North East, all your local information requirements are covered.
  3. Hyper-local journalism is essentially mass participatory journalism where common folks are involved in news reporting. ETV Bharat uses this to perfection to stay ahead. However, the news is cross verified to keep ETV News Live as credible as possible.

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Written by Pranab Bhandari

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