7 Smart Ways to Reuse Your Empty Glass Bottles

Our house is the best place where we find comfort and stability of mind. It is a sanctuary for every person from the whole world.

This is the main reason why every person wants to make his house beautiful and reuse every kind of thing which he can to make it look good and keep junk from piling up in the house. Glass bottles can be easily reused and would look amazing in different places easily.

In this article, we will provide you some of the most amazing and useful tricks which you can reuse your empty glass bottles in a smart way. We will give you the right kind of information to help you make the best things from the empty glass bottles.

We will explain everything in such a manner that you will be amazed to know that you have understood everything from all its aspects. We will make sure that you would get all the essential information in a proper manner without doing any strenuous mental effort.

So without taking more of your time, we will direct you towards some of the most amazing and useful tricks which you can reuse your empty glass bottles in a smart way.

You will be able to do all these things as they are really easy to be performed. Not only this the whole thing will also look good and go with the right flow as per your interior and exterior of the house.

Bird Feeder

This one is considered to be the best ways to reuse glass bottles in a useful manner. You can simply use it as a bird feeder just making some improvement in it. You can hang it in the balcony where the birds can eat and the hanging bottle looks amazing.

Just lock the mouth of the bottle and open up the bottom of the bottle to give more access to feed to the birds. It looks beautiful hanging on the edge of the balcony of your house and adds more demeanor to the appearance of your house.

Flower Vase

Glass bottles look really pretty with their glossy texture and smooth surface. Glass bottles also come in different types of colors which allows the bottle to look colorful and attractive. You can use this glass bottle as a flower vase in your house.

They look amazing on the dinner tables or just on the table of your dining rooms. You can always place it on your tables to make sure the whole thing looks beautiful and compliments your interior of the room. Placing beautiful flowers in the glass bottles can also uplift the mood of the person seeing it.

Boot Holder

Usually, people who are fond of wearing long boots are the ones who find it most difficult in storing them. The long ankle boots or the long cowboy boots are not easy to handle.

One of the biggest problems with them is that the could for uneven creases and other marks of placing them wrongly in the shoe storage. They usually do not fit there too.

Well, the long glass bottles are the perfect solution for it. You can put a few pebbles in the bottle and place them into the long shoes. This will help the shoes to stay upright.

Bottle Tree

Some people have large trees in their gardens. You can also hang different colors of glass bottles on the branches of the trees. These things look amazing and beautiful at the same time. This gives an amazing texture to the overall environment of the garden.

Some people who are superstitious believe that these glass bottles are the best things to capture evil spirits which surrounds the household. So if you are one then you can use them to hang these bottles on the trees.

Leveling Tool

These amazing glass bottles can be a great tool for keeping things on a level. It can be perfect in making the surfaces smooth and on a level.

It can also be used for hanging frames or wall clocks evenly on the clocks. You can add water in the bottles and can place it right with the frame or the clock to check if they are even or not. It ensures the proper level of these things.

Build a Torch

Glass bottles are impervious. This means there is no spillage or evaporation in them. This makes them an ideal thing to be transformed into a torch.

 You can fill the whole bottle with the fuel and can ad simple string through the cap of the bottle. You can light the string to get the perfect torch which you can place anywhere you like. The best part is that it will look lovely wherever you place it in your house.

Can Make Glass Spoons

You can also make glass spoons from cutting the glass bottles. You could easily cut the glass bottles in a proper manner and shape.

 Then add a handle or a glass stick it the narrow opening of the bottle this will help to grip these spoons and provide an amazing look to the whole spoon.


So these are some of the most amazing and useful tricks which you can reuse your empty glass bottles in a smart way. Here we have given you some of the top hacks which you can perform to ideally use your bottles in a decorative manner.

I am sure you will love all the information in this article from the core of your heart. This is because everything here is in a well-organized form.

I hope that after gaining all the information you need, you will have no doubt about some of the most amazing and useful tricks which you can reuse your empty glass bottles in a smart way. But if there is still something left then there is no need to fret about it.

You can ask us anything which you are doubtful about and we will thoroughly research every aspect of it. In the end, we will provide you the best possible solutions for your problems. So stay tuned with us or more informative and authentic pieces of information of your interest.

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Written by Stacy Smith

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