5 Ways to Spice Up Your Coffee Break

When coffee was first introduced in the 15th century, it didn’t have the status it does today. After all, this is the ultimate social beverage that bonds people in friendship, romance, family, and business. Moreover, it is also a perfect way to have a productive break all by yourself without wasting any time and being bored.

So, if you are looking for some ways to spice up your coffee break, here are some suggestions that will turn this everyday routine into a ritual.

  • Go for a walk

Coffee is an ideal reason to go for a walk outside the office and enjoy some fresh air. You can buy a coffee to go from the vendor nearby and then drink it while walking back to the office. However, owning a travel mug is also a good way to make sure that the coffee is always to your liking or to save time.

Moreover, if you are going for a walk with a friend, take your coffee in the vacuum flask so you can share the beverage on a bench or in front of the office building. This way, you will stretch your legs and clear your head, while at the same time enjoying a nice cup of coffee with your favorite colleague.

  • Learn a new language

Having a half an hour coffee break is the perfect time to learn a new language. There are various ways to do it and you will surely find the one that’s the best fit for you. For example, you can use apps like Duolingo which is free and offers a wide variety of languages with pronunciation and repetitions.

Audio lessons are an old-fashioned and effective way for those who would like to rest their eyes from the screen light. On the other hand, you can attend online courses which vary in type from pre-recorded to one-one lessons with a tutor. Once you find the best method for you, it will be easier to plan your coffee break around it and start learning.

  • Declutter your desk

A cup of coffee in one corner and focus on the mess on your desk is a great way to do some decluttering. It’s normal to pile up paper, pens and other office supplies over time and a coffee break is an ideal time to put your desk back in order. Decluttering also goes well with coffee because it will relax you and take your mind off things that might be bothering you.

Even the smallest decluttering process like picking up paperclips and placing them in their designated space can be helpful. So, when you feel especially worried or troubled over something, make yourself a coffee and start going through the mess on your desk. In a short while, you will not only feel better but also find inspiration to resolve the issues at hand.

  • Hang out with your colleagues

Most companies today know the importance of providing their employees with the best possible means to take a break from work and clear their heads. The very least they do is coffee machine hire so everyone can enjoy a quality cup of hot caffeinated beverage. And so, the area around the coffee maker is usually where people have a seat and relax from the workload while socializing with their colleagues.

However, this is also a perfect way to have a casual brainstorming meeting or exchange opinions with other employees. This less formal environment is a wonderful place to work on new ideas and come up with solutions and strategies that can improve your work.

  • Relax and rest your eyes

Spending time in front of the computer screen can be tiring to the eyes and even damage your eyesight. Moreover, you will quickly start to lose focus and your productivity will decrease which can cause mistakes and create problems. This is why it’s very important to rest your eyes for a while and also have a nice cup of coffee to boost your energy levels.

Begin your coffee break by turning off your computer screen and closing your eyes for 30 seconds. Then look through the window at nature or any other relaxing sight and blink frequently. If you can, go outside on the deck, balcony or the roof and let your eyes wander off in the view. Blinking will help you moisturize your eyes while looking at the distance will have a soothing effect.

All in all

 Coffee is more than the daily dose of caffeine to keep you awake and alert. It is a ritual that includes different activities but all have the same meaning to everyone – relaxation and taking a break. And the possibilities to spice up your coffee break are endless and will offer an abundance of inspiration to stay productive and dedicated at work.

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Written by Leila Dorari

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