How Can We Change Our Relationship to Food & Be Healthy?

Healthy living has everything to do with the decisions that we make when it comes to the foods that we take in. It is worth noting that the UK Health Crisis can be solved if everybody took the step of taking care of oneself first and then encouraging everybody else to do the same. Healthy living starts with you. Food being a basic need, there will always be a relationship between human beings and food. Therefore, taking steps towards healthy living is what will liberate you. Here are the top tips;

Take in more fruits and vegetables

You have probably heard this statement your whole life. It will still be repeated because of the weight it carries when it comes to your health. To begin with, they are easily digestible. Secondly, they are loaded with nutrients that are needed by the body. They are excellent body antioxidants. Ocado and Waitrose often have offers on groceries thanks to sites like Discount Promo Codes, so looking after your body doesn’t have to be hindered by money!


Part of what makes healthy feeding and living is hydrating. Take in enough water as the same is lost through sweating and short calls. About 60% of your body is made up of water. Also, water helps in digestion. It is a remedy for headaches and ideal for healthy skin.

Take in whole grains

Whole grains are filled with fiber and nutrients. Fiber gives you a full feeling hence the ability to control your eating habits as well as the portions that you take in. whole grains lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and stroke. Most noteworthy, check the ingredients and the industries where they are made. That is because these industries also make milk products which may not go well with people who are sensitive to or react with gluten.

On skipping meals

One of the greatest mistakes that we do is to skip meals and to miss a meal. Missing a meal starves your body and interferes with your eating habits and digestive system. When you get food, for example, you may end up overfeeding or snacking due to a craving for food that may not have nutritional value. This is one of the biggest missteps that dieters take. There are more effective ways to loose weight and stay in shape!

On sharing meals

Sometimes the best thing is to be home and share a meal with your family members, friends, or loved ones. This will help you if you miss meals often. Additionally, they will also be open in case of any concerns that they may be having about your eating habits. Simply share with them and have them help you.

On snacking

Serve your snacks on a plate instead of eating them directly from the packet. Your instincts will instantly enable you to control the portions when you observe what you do.

Planning meals

Always make your breakfast heavy. You should eat less at dinner since you will be going to bed. Eating carbohydrates for dinner, for example, will only make you put on weight especially if you are trying to lose. Therefore, avoid them if possible.


As they say, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Make an effort to exercise. You can jog, work out at home or enroll at the gym. Keeping it fun and diverse is the key. So, give your exercise regime a makeover and start getting fit while having fun!

Overall, eating well and tackling negative relationships with food starts with a want to do so. By understanding what is good for you, what is not and how junk food negatively impacts our health will help us all to change our attitude towards food. We need to look after our bodies. After all, they look after us in return!

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Written by Penny Nelson

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