How To Convert Your Loft Into A Gym

Does your bedroom have high ceilings and do you intend to make optimal use of the space that is available to you? And why shouldn’t you? It certainly sounds like a good idea!

You can use the additional space to build in your own home office, playroom for your kids or even an entertainment room. But what if we were to tell you that you can use the same space to build your own gym too.

You will save yourself an early trip to the nearby gym and will simply have to climb to your loft for your daily workouts. To make your planning and designing process easier, we have discussed below some of the essential factors which you must keep in mind.

Choose the right flooring

The flooring of the loft is one of the prominent factors which you must take into consideration while designing. Since you are building a gym, you have to be extra careful about the kind of flooring that you choose.

You are likely to place heavy gym machinery and perform different exercises which means that you need a sturdy and flat flooring. You can use carpet flooring for the entire room as it provides you with the much-needed traction and requires little maintenance.

Moreover, there are fewer chances of the carpet flooring getting spoilt due to the heavy gym equipment. If you are not too keen to use carpet flooring, you can use any other flooring option which is durable and is suitable for rough use.

Watch the ceiling and wall

As a matter of fact, the ceilings and walls of a loft are bound to be different than those of your other rooms. However, while designing your gym you may come across several loft conversion ideas. But you may have to determine the space that is available and how can you make the most of it.

You can get in touch with the loft conversion experts in your vicinity as they can suggest you the best solution and plan the interiors as per your requirements. Make sure that the ceiling and walls are well built. This gives you enough space inside the loft for your workouts.

Install windows

The first question that may come to your mind is, why do you need windows in your gym? Well, you need a positive ambience and healthy mind for your workouts. Windows allow free flow of sunlight into the loft and bring in fresh air as well. This ambience helps you to declutter your mind and concentrate on your exercises.

If you do not want to have regular windows and want to make better use of walls, you can also install roof windows. Roof windows are a better option if you are someone who enjoys sunlight.

Invest in the right equipment

What is your regular gym routine like? For how many hours do you work out in a day? Do you prefer only certain gym exercises or like to work out on only a few selected machines?

Give a thought to all these questions and design your gym accordingly. This will help you to invest in the right equipment which you actually need and are most likely to use regularly during your workout.

Investing in equipment which you do not use regularly is wastage of space as well as money. Give it some good thought and then shortlist machines which you are bound to use and purchase them only.

While choosing them, make sure that you choose specific spots in your loft so that you are mindful of the available space.

Paint it right!

Using a dark and loud colour scheme in your loft can make the room seem smaller, which can create a dull ambience. Instead, make use of warm and pastel shades so that there is a vibrant ambience in the room.

If you plan to have no windows in your loft gym then you definitely must choose light and bright colours to make the room look lively. You will be reluctant to enter your own gym if you start getting a depressing vibe from it.

Ask your expert to suggest some lively colours based on your room interiors and the space available so that you enjoy the warmth of the colours.

Mirror mirror on the wall

If you have the budget and space you can install mirrors on the wall right in front of you. The mirror wall encourages you to concentrate on your exercise and you are less likely to be distracted throughout the session.

The huge mirror wall also has the ability to reflect back the sunlight entering through the windows and give a splendid look to your loft gym!

Often, households avoid consulting experts during the designing process as they believe that it is an unnecessary expense. However, they provide you with the accurate and right guidance required for the entire process. Therefore, do not hold yourself back from seeking professional assistance.

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