A Short Guide to Healthier People, Homes, and the Entire Planet

People who think of eco-friendly individuals as nut-jobs fail to understand that saving the planet means preserving their own health as well. The connections between the two are countless, just to mention the fact that by saving trees we increase the amount of oxygen produced. Furthermore, we can take an active role in the preservation of our planet by changing our daily habits, adjusting our homes, and by instructing our children about the importance of going green. In terms of our homes, there are various ways we can make them more eco-friendly. When coupled with nature-preserving habits, they provide the ideal formula that will ensure our planet will be habitable for billions of years to come.

A change from below: Flooring

Hardwood floors and the ones made from vinyl are detrimental to nature. The former use up too much precious timber, while the latter are toxic and have been known to cause cancer in humans. That is why you should actively search for alternatives, such as linoleum which is made from natural ingredients like linseed oil.

You can even consider installing floors made from bamboo and recycled wood as both have been responsibly sourced directly from nature. There are large plantations of bamboo in China that are replanted continually. The best thing is that bamboo floors are relatively cheap when compared to other types of hardwood flooring. Finally, you might want to google cork floors and see if they are suitable for your home.

Saving energy, natural resources and decluttering

Electronic devices are an integral part of not only our homes but our lives as well. However, we need to be constantly aware that they use electricity to operate and this does not come cheap. That is why we must actively try to decrease the usage of power inside the home. When shopping, we can look for the EnergyStar logo that guarantees that manufacturers too care of the energy efficiency of their product.

Washing machines, for instance, are now made to intake less water than before and decrease the spin speed in order to preserve power. You have to replace all incandescent light bulbs inside the house with LED lights that are energy-efficient. Such small changes will help you save energy and money, so the utility bill will go down in no time.

This is how we will save our money and we will spend less of natural resources. Maybe it will sound funny, but decluttering is important for our psychical health, also this is how we will stop ourselves from keeping unnecessary products like medicine. It is very important when you declutter your home from this stuff to dispose of it properly because of this could harm Mother Nature.

Installing a bidet

Even the bathroom can be subject to going green. Apart from the obvious tips, such as turning the water off while brushing your teeth, there is a major change that is far more beneficial. Instead of using the conventional toilet bowl, you can install a bidet. This change will mean that you will no longer spend money on toilet paper that is ineffective because its rough surface will irritate your skin rather than cleaning it. Vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly can benefit greatly from bidets. They have several luxury features, such as colorful LED nightlights and seat warmers, which can all be ordered through Bidets Online and delivered to your home address.

This means you will cut down your monthly costs because you won’t be using toilet paper, and not using toilet paper means you will save a few trees in the forest. Doesn’t this sound inspire to you? Also, it would be great to start recycling some old stuff, you can even earn some extra money this way, don’t you agree on that?

Window replacement

We wrote earlier about energy efficiency but there are other ways to achieve it. Your home must preserve energy by not wasting it and this is especially important when it comes to heat. During winter time, you waste a lot of energy through the roof, walls, windows, and the floors, so having the house insulated would be a good idea. Special attention needs to be given to windows that let a lot of warmth escape, forcing the heating bodies to use more heat to reach the desired room temperature. If your windows are old and beyond repair, then you can have them replaced altogether.

The thermostat

Speaking of air temperature, studies have shown that our bodies benefit from lower room temperature at night while we sleep. You can use this fact to your advantage and program the thermostat to lower the temperature at night. You will find it easier to go to sleep and no energy will go to waste. If you have to get up early, let’s say at 6 AM, then just set the thermostat to raise the temperature at half past 5 and you will wake up to a warm bedroom. Setting the thermostat is an excellent example of how you can simultaneously save money, preserve energy, and do something good for your health.

A fan instead of an AC unit

If you live in a part of the world where summers are not extremely hot, then you might not need an AC unit after all. Admittedly, they are quite useful, but air-conditioning uses up a lot of power, so it would be nice if you found an alternative solution. Simple fans that you can get from any supermarket for next to nothing will help the air circulate through the entire room, cooling it down in the process.

Hopefully, you now realize how important it is to preserve energy in your home. This is something that will not only help save the planet but help you stay in good physical shape.

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Written by Sarah

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