8 Tips For Lighting A Small Apartment

Decorating a small apartment is more than challenging since small spaces require more thought and wise choices than large ones. The wrong choice of colors, too many details, large furniture, and poor lighting can make any place look cluttered and dull. Lighting is a powerful tool when trying to make the best out of small apartment since it directly affects our mood as well as our perception of space.  Clever lighting design can easily manipulate our senses and make any room appear spacious, bright and warm. Here are a few useful lighting tips for small apartments.

Install recessed spot lights

Recessed lighting is one of the great ways to illuminate limited space. Since it involves installation on the ceiling, this fixture takes up no additional space, while it offers an ideal amount of light. The strategic placing of spotlights will help you accentuate and open up dark areas in your home, and it will make your apartment look brighter and more spacious.

Draw attention to the ceiling

Use a large statement light fixture that will light up the room and add some chic to your interior. Massive and bold light fixtures can create a dramatic look and make the room appear larger than it is, but only if cleverly combined with additional light sources. Having only general lighting will hardly improve the overall brightness in your home, so don’t let it work as standalone.

Include task lighting

A single ceiling light fixture can brighten up the room, but make sure not to forget areas where you need additional light, like in the kitchen or at your desk.  Install lights under cabinets in the kitchen and remember to light dark corners like shelves and closets. It is easy to overlook these areas, but rest assured that proper light will bring out their beauty and functionality.

Accentuate focal points

Highlight objects in your apartment and notice fabulous effect of focused light on a piece of art or furniture. Illuminating objects like a statue, painting or even a plant creates an illusion of vanishing walls, where well-lit focal point seemingly floats in a room that instantly appears larger. It is a simple trick that many designers use when trying to maximize the space with the help of artificial light.

Choose lighter lampshades

Although they are a part of the decoration, lampshades can set the tone of the room. To brighten up space choose lighter colors, but if you wish to focus light on just one particular area, then go for darker shades. Also, white shades will allow more light, but it will create a slightly colder atmosphere. To make it warmer and cozy, go for yellow and creamy tones.

Choose your bulbs wisely

Like lampshades, bulbs can also affect the overall atmosphere of your home. If you are after a warm and welcoming vibe than go with incandescent light and bulbs that emit a soft glow. CFL and LED lights are somewhat brighter alternatives, but you can choose versions with full spectrum and add a dimmer that will allow you to adjust lighting to your needs.

Allow more natural light

Place light-colored rugs and furniture near windows and make sure to hang mirror opposite from the window. Also, make use of reflective surfaces and metallic décor to fill the room with bouncing light. Keep your windows clean and have a lightweight window treatment  (soft, see-through curtains) or use classic Venetian blinds to control the amount of light.

Mix and combine light sources

Ideally, well-lit rooms always have a combination of general light (ceiling light fixtures), task light, and ambient light. When it comes to setting a mood, be creative with ambient lighting, but make sure to keep it clutter-free. Install wall lamps to scatter light around the room without taking up more space.


When creating a comfortable and welcoming home, proper lighting is of utmost importance since it can enhance the atmosphere in any room, regardless of its size. Take time to come up with the perfect lighting design for your home and don’t hesitate to replace old, outdated fixtures if they don’t suit you anymore. Bathe your home in light and enjoy new warm glow that will improve the look and feel of small space.

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Written by Stella Ryne

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