5 Unexpected Reasons to Drink More Water

You’ve probably heard it all before – the human body is mainly made out of water (around 60%), humans cannot live without water for more than a few days, dehydration can lead to serious health issues, etc. If you’re a gym-goer, you already know how important hydration is. You cannot lose weight nor build muscle without enough water in your body. But, instead of focusing on the ‘mainstream’ reasons (valid reasons though), let’s see some unexpected ones that could convince you to up your hydration game. Let’s begin!

Because it’s really popular

You read that correctly. Water is a really popular beverage. It is the second most popular beverage in the US right after soft drinks. Cool, right? Well, things aren’t that ‘cool’ really. This is really upsetting since sugary soda turns out to be more popular even though it causes serious health issues. Firstly, people who are big on soda tend to get fat. Secondly, such high levels of sugar in a beverage do serious damage to the heart in the long run. That’s why you risk a stroke if you regularly drink beverages similar to the sugar-filled soda, juices and other bombastically advertised drinks that are full of sweeteners and other kinds of artificial stuff that only tricks our senses.

Clean system – greater water intake!

Drinking more water flushes out the system. Water helps to detoxify the colon and kidneys, water aids the blood circulation in our skin, it also boosts the production of lymph cells. All of these organs need proper care. Last but not least, if you’re constantly constipated, that could be due to the lack of water in your body. Water is a huge factor when it comes to digestion so bear that in mind! Buy a bottle of water next time you head out or refill the environmentally best water bottle there is – the reusable one (it is important to be as eco-friendly as possible). Your tummy and other important parts of your body will thank you!

Water for skin care

Did you know that water fights acne? Oh yes, and it does so by stabilizing the ph of the skin. That’s how it helps the acne issue. The vast majority of people nowadays consume lots of sugar, caffeine, processed foods and various fats can really make a mess acne-wise. They create an imbalance of the chemicals and hormones in the human body. But, if one drinks lots of water, those things are thus kept in check which automatically prevents breakouts, keeps the skin clear, hydrated and softer. Sometimes you don’t need expensive cosmetic products, you just need to boost the water intake.

Headache repellent

Water is a factor when it comes to your brain too. Sounds crazy? Well, let’s elaborate further. First of all, without enough water, the brain activity suffers a blow. After all, your brain is mostly water so take a look at some of the benefits of proper water intake in relation to brain activity. Ample amount of water improves concentration and cognition, it helps to balance the mood and emotions, it maintains memory function and last but not least, it reduces stress. Also, there is a study that confirmed that water deprivation can cause headaches but that after drinking about 200 ml of water, the subjects felt relief. Many people grab coffee when their head starts to hurt, but caffeine dehydrates them even more. Opt for water instead!

An additional ounce of water a day keeps the injuries away

What’s written above sounds pretty wild, right? Well, actually, water can help with injuries and sprains. If it’s something as minor as a cramp or DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness), many health professionals claim that a major reason behind that can actually be dehydration. Therefore, it’s really good to hydrate yourself before your workouts. Also add stretching before and after, devote some time to cooling down and you’ll avoid DOMS. Do not increase the risk of injury if you don’t have to.


Hopefully, you’ve had some fun while going through this ‘alternative’ list of reasons why water is so important. Nonetheless, never take hydration lightly. Do not forget to drink the daily ‘dosage’ of this much-needed beverage.

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Written by Luke Douglas

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